11 Things You Should Say to a Person Struggling with Depression

Best things to Say A Person Who Struggling with Depression

Whenever we think about depression or person suffering from it, we think about a sad face with no social activities. Is it true? Yes it is true for many people. Like, someone close to us talk about his suffering of depression, we think no, not possible. How can he suffer from depression, he has a smiling face. So, it is not true that if a person have a smiley face then he is fine. This kind of depression is called as “high functioning” depression. It is not noticed by many people. Sometimes people maintain to have a successful relationship, your work and everything. It does not mean you are not struggling with symptoms of depression.

Many times our closed one talk to us about their situations but we don’t know how help them. We are not aware about how to talk to the person battling with depression. We failed to keep them positive. Sometimes our words can hurt them or they can get offended. So we have to be very careful when talking to someone battling depression. One simple thing you can tell them is to consult a professional.

As we all know best communications can help someone suffering from any problem. Do you know depressed people rarely talk about depression? Because they know people will judge them. But due to lack of awareness people don’t know that depression is mental illnesses which need proper treatment. Many times depression can be treated with good conversations. Here we are going to discuss about 11 things we should say to a person suffering from depression. So let’s start:-

1. Ask them: Can I help you to get relief from stress in anyway

Actions are more helpful than words, so don’t always say something to the person but do some helpful actions. As you are not professional, you don’t know what to say or what not, so your words might feel like tantrums to others. So before your words kill them from inside help them to do some meditation and yoga. Spend time with them, fix a lunch for them or pamper them. It will surely help them to get out of depression.

2. What kind of things can help you to feel better?

When you ask this question to the person battling with depression, he might think about it. He will think about his happy moments, make a realization of happiness. Always tell him to focus on his hobbies. It will relax him and also divert his mind. Being a friend you can remind him of the time you spent with him, it will help him to go ahead with his hobbies.

3. Ask him if I can do something for you?

This will add you in the list of persons who care for him. When you ask this question to him, he may cry but at the end he will tell you his situation. Now, he will call you for help when he stuck in tough situation.

4. Take him somewhere

People suffering from mood disorder or depression are really bad drivers. This is just, because they had lost consciousness. They can’t concentrate on one thing. So whenever you feel, your near and dear are battling with such problems take him to the long drive. It will refresh his mood. Give him, his favorite food; take him to the place he likes the most. This is all you can do as a great friend.

5. Are you getting any support/ where are you getting support?

There is a difference between these two questions, when you ask this are you getting any support? It inferred if you are not getting any support then you deserve to be depressed. But if you ask where are you getting support? It means if you are not getting any support, then you need it. You should contact professionals.

6. Remind them, they matter to their loved ones

Feeling alone is a common feeling among people suffering from depression. They always think that nobody cares for them. Their presence does not bother anyone or there is no purpose of their life. If you make them realize they matter to you and others, then this can help them to come out of depression. It will surely help them to realize their worth and value.

7. Assure them it is ok to feel this

Don’t tell them that they are overreacting it may hurt them. But make them realize it is ok to feel this which is normal. Even your friend’s situation may seem minor to you but it is the worse situation for them. There is some chemical imbalance which causes depression; it may take some time to feel better even after taking medicines. So help them in such a way that won’t hurt them.

8. Realize them they are not weak

Person battling with depression may think he is weak them other or he can’t handle little things. Help them to realize they are not weak and it happens to everyone t certain points.

9. Emphasize hopes for them

While helping your friend to fight with this battle, help them to realize there is a hope for everything. Depression is just a disease which is treatable like any other disease. Through his chemotherapy your friend has a very good chance to come back to normal life again.

10. Ask him about the hardest time of the day

This is a great question to ask someone with this situation. You should ask this in the morning when a person wakes up and in the afternoon around 3 to 5. It is the time when anxiety takes over. It will assure them you truly care for them and you are conscious about their health.

11. Be there for that person

If you want it to be simple and sweet, you can tell them “I am here for you”. It will be very helpful for them. Tell them you love them and care for them, so he will share his situation with you.

I hope these 11 Things You Should Say to a Person Struggling with Depression will help you to keep your friends and loved one away from depression.

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