Best Mahatma Gandhi Ji Quotes on Education, Humanity, Equality, Leadership


Best Collections of Mahatma Gandhi Ji Quotes Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, well known as Mahatma Gandhi. He played a vital role as a freedom fighter. He used non- violence and satyagraha as his powerful tools as well inspire other political leaders. Rather than a political leader he was also a great writer who wrote many quotes. Here we are providing you some of famous Mahatma Gandhi Quotes. He is also known as father of the Nation or as Bapu. He was a good lawyer, great politician, writer and social activist, who…

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11 Things You Should Say to a Person Struggling with Depression


Best things to Say A Person Who Struggling with Depression Whenever we think about depression or person suffering from it, we think about a sad face with no social activities. Is it true? Yes it is true for many people. Like, someone close to us talk about his suffering of depression, we think no, not possible. How can he suffer from depression, he has a smiling face. So, it is not true that if a person have a smiley face then he is fine. This kind of depression is called…

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Anger Quotes – Best 100+ Angry Quotes That Help You Calm Down Fast


Roles of Anger Management to calm you down: Anger is one of the basic human emotion can also cause problems. When you aren’t able to manage anger more healthily, then it always becomes a problem. Some of the anger quotes are used in anger management, explaining how anger ruins one’s life. Human beings are influenced by different types of basic emotions. The different physiological, behavioral changes are produced by emotions.  Emotions play a major role in influencing how you live and interact with others. They are responsible for the perceptions one has,…

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Elon Musk Quotes – Inspirational and Motivational Quotes for Success


Follow your passion for success with Elon Musk Quotes Life gives lots of opportunities to people in different aspects. However, life is a combination of both good and bad times. A good time will make one stronger, but bad times will make people broken. Here comes the need for self-motivation through some quotes. These quotes should be from someone who has achieved in their life and set a path for the others. In the list, for everyone who loves to become a successful businessman, Elon musk is serving as the…

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100+ Best Maya Angelou Quotes on Inspiring, Love, Life, Success, Courage


Best Collection of Maya Angelou Quotes   You can use Maya Angelou motivational quotes to cheer up your day when you are having a bad day. But before reading her quotes we need to know about her. There are many people who know her really well as a writer and activist. She was a beloved singer, poet, and memoirist of America. Also, she has published three books of essay, seven autobiographies, and several books on poetry. She wrote about beauty, love, equality, and success, and self-examination. She was well known…

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How to Get Rid of Bad Mood Quickly?


A bad mood happens to everyone.  We all face a time when we feel like biting someone’s head off while they are asking a simple question. It shows the worst side of us. Bad mood ruins our day as well as the person talking to us. When you are in a bad mood, everything irritates you including your favorite food or favorite dress. There are many different ways to get rid of a bad mood. But you can’t get out of bad mood until you understand what is causing it.…

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Michael Jackson Quotes on Inspirational, Life, Music, Dance


Best Collections of MJ Quotes Before heading toward Michael Jackson quotes, let’s discuss the “king of pop”. The most significant cultural figure, American singer, songwriter, and dancer born on 29-August -1958 and finished his life journey on 25-June-2009. The eighth child of the Jackson family, he started his career with a band along with his brothers and father “The Jackson 5”. The Jackson 5 attained so much success, but Michael started his solo career in 1971 as a musician. He also got huge success with his solo performances and during…

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Best 5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Success


Fear is an unpleasant feeling of danger, experienced by everyone in the world. It is triggered by the threat of physical or emotional harm. It is a negative emotion, it also keeps us safe. Some people have fear of water, height, fire, or fear of success or what so ever, we need to overcome it so it can’t harm us. We often want to change jobs or careers but afraid of failure. Have you ever suffered such situations? Fear is another side of life. We need to sink in and…

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100+ Best Friendship Quotes on Inspiring, Love, Life, Success


Best Friend Quotes to start a wonderful day Life is of a person is simply awesome with a daily friendship quotes from a great friend. Yes, friendship is the most beautiful thing which happens to all of us in life. Hardly there will be any moment in life which we don’t share with our best friends. Be it grief or joy, we can’t sleep properly if the same is not shared with our friend. For the reason that we say a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends are…

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Happy Father’s Day Quotes – Best Quotes for Father’s Day 2020


Time to show our love to the first Hero with a happy father’s day quote   We all admire and talk always about the love, care, and affection our mothers show to us. It is always the sacrifices a mother has made got applauses. In between that, there is one person whom we normally forget – our father. Yes, the first Hero in everyone’s life. He is the one who has helped us to climb each stage of our lives. Definitely he would be one person which we always want…

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