Happy 4th Birthday Wishes Quotes for Baby Girl and Boy

Children grow really fast. Isn’t it? Are you searching for the fantastic 4th birthday wishes quotes? It’s really a blessing and a true joy to celebrate their birthdays. It’s all fun, noise and cries and laughter. Wishes are shared with parents on cards, little notes, and social media platforms. So, presenting on this page the cutest and adorable collection of 4th birthday wishes messages for boys and girls.

A 4-year kid can retain some memories for life long. So make their day special with some surprises, gifts, and heart-touching greetings. You must have seen how excited little bundles of joys are on their big day? Dressing up, taking candies to school and a get together on the birthday evening. The big smiles on their faces are worth watching. Kids bring happiness, fun, excitement, and overall they complete a family. It’s time to celebrate this special day for the greatest source of joy.

4th Birthday Wishes Quotes

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes: In today’s generation kids are very active and intelligent at the age of 4 years. They start asking the reason behind everything. Also, they like to celebrate their 4th birthday in a more unique way and like to listen to some good wishes from parents and friends. So, if your, relatives, or friends kids 4th birthday is coming on then this page is for you. Here you will find a good collection of 4th birthday wishes quotes in English.

Hope your 4th birthday brings the ultimate pleasure and once again your parents do something more special for you. Wish you a very happy day.

A happy 4th birthday to the cutest little baby. I wish you all the happiness you deserve and lots of gifts for your party today!

Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest princess on her 4th birthday This is just the start of a long time of beauty, my love.


My daughter, you are 4 years old today, and it is going to be a very nice day! I have prepared some surprises for you that I know that you are going to adore.

Live once but in the right way. Happy 4th birthday. I wish you happiness and joy.


You turned four today. Do you know what that means? You are four times a little lady! Happy 4th birthday!

Daughter, today is your birthday, and magic will flood the day! Not every day you reach the age of 4, and therefore, it is important to celebrate.

Today my daughter is 4 years old! She is beautiful age, and she is a beautiful girl, I cannot ask for more from life!

You are the most beautiful thing in the world, my little one, whom I love above all things and whom I will always take care of. Happy Birthday my little girl! I love you!

I know that for each father, his daughter is the most beautiful, but mine is perfect! Beautiful, fun, smart, and loving! I love your daughter! I want to celebrate this fourth birthday and make you feel like a princess in a fairy tale.

It’s been 4 years now, and we all hope that your life is as happy as it has been since you were born! Happy Birthday!

The fourth birthday has arrived full of emotion. We wish you a long life full of joy and happiness. Many good wishes!

Today is your day. It’s all about you. There are so many wonderful things you can do! Happy birthday!

My daughter, happy 4 years! The whole world is filled with excitement when this special day arrives. Happy Birthday, Daughter! We have spent the best four years of our lives with you.

Slowly, you’re already getting big. We hope that each day can be filled with joy like today. Lots of happy birthday greetings!

Light the candles, cut the cake, this is a very special date. A precious little girl is turning four. Here are birthday wishes for someone I adore. Happy 4th birthday!

With love and affection, I can only wish you a happy birthday. I hope you can bring joy and love for all this long journey that is life. Congratulations.


With you, I am always happy, and I wish that you are too, for this I will always put my efforts. Happy birthday, my little treasure!



Hoping your birthday cake is four times bigger than the biggest cake in the world. That’s the only way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite 4-year-old in the world. Happy 4th birthday!

You are a princess, and in these 4 years, we have told you frequently. We hope to see you always happy and that your joy shines every day like today! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to the 4-year-old princess! On your special b-day, you can enjoy yourself today as a great queen. Wishing lots of fun for you and your friends!

You gave us 4 years of joy and excitement. The only wish we make today is that you can continue to donate these emotions every day of your life.

It’s been 4 years since the first time you opened your eyes. And from that moment, everything became even more beautiful—many good wishes from my heart.

You have existed for 4 years, and you have taught us more things than we knew. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!

4 years have passed. Years of games, tears, smiles, and so much joy that you have brought into our lives. Happy birthday, baby.

Make four wishes because you’re 4 years old today. Happy 4th birthday!

It’s your fourth birthday and I have to say that I’m so fond of you in so many ways. Happy 4th birthday!


Great-grandchildren invariably grow from great parents. We start well! Greetings to the little house!

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4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl (Daughter)

Find below good birthday wishes quotes for your 4th year’s daughter.

This is a special birthday message from my heart to the only 4-year-old princess in my world. Happy 4th Birthday daughter.

You’re so amazing, you’re so funny and funny, even at this tender age. Whenever I remember your little tricks, I laugh so much. You look like your mother. Happy 4th birthday girl.

You have entered into your life and we have given you a lot of pleasure. We will always wear you like the jewel that you are. Happy 4th birthday girl. Enjoy your day.

You are nothing like a cat, oh, especially 4 years old. You are like yourself and that makes you the best child of 4 years that we all know! Happy Birthday!

Sweet little princess … 4 Celebrate a magical birthday today!

It’s been four wonderful years of watching you smile, cry, dance, play, sing and amuse me with your intelligence. Happy Birthday pretty Angel.

May your 4th birthday find you happy and as sweet as ever! Happy Birthday.

Seeing a child up to four years old can be frustrating because you will think of many journeys that are waiting for them, but we are glad that you are with us. Happy 4th birthday!

You are the princess of your parents and God, enlighten your life and bless you with good luck. I wish you a nice 4th birthday.


Before you know it, you will be very old. Do you think you are ready for it? Happy Birthday, 4 years!



Especially for a 4-year-old, it is as sweet as possible. Here is a Happy Birthday puppy who likes to be hugged! Happy Birthday!

I can only hope that the clothes I bought will surely suit you and that I can see you in them.

Happy 4th birthday. I wish you nice presents, a happy birthday party and lots of fun with your friends!

For your birthday today, I would like to give you bags and bags of hugs and kisses and wish that all your dreams come true. We wish you a happy birthday and a great year.

Happy 4th birthday to an extremely smart little girl. Do not forget us when you make your first million! I wish you a happy birthday.

Their growth is only a miracle for those strong members that once consisted of fragile bones.

I think you lived 1460 days, you know? This is an important figure for a little girl. I wish you that you reach billions.


This year your fourth birthday will be filled with friends, fun, and gifts! Happy 4th birthday!



Eat these biscuits that I always sneak you, because you deserve to be happy for all this.



May you enjoy it today, play with the other kids in the playground, darling.

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Birthday Wishes for 4 Years Old Boy (Son)

Here are some best birthday wishes quotes for your 4 years old boy. 4th year is a very important year for your son. At this age, he starts growing their activities more actively. He loves to get more gifts. If their your son’s 4th birthday then you should wish him a happy birthday with some meaningful words. You may write a good quote on a greeting card and wish your boy a happy birthday with a gift. I’m sure, He will definitely love your way of wishing him a happy birthday.

Birthdays are a blessing but you are the greatest gift to me from God. May you have thousands of happy moments and you remain safe from the evil eyes. Happy 4th Birthday boy.

We have many reasons to be happy and you are one, my dear child. I wish you a fabulous 4th birthday.

That your luck never ends, that you live a happy and fulfilling life, these are my main wishes for you when you reach the age of 4, my dear child, I love you!

You had four years today. Do you know what that means? You are four times a little lady! Happy 4th birthday!

May your 4th birthday be happier than your third, you are a blessing and we love you so much, continue to give us that beautiful smile forever and forever.

It’s your special day. Every second today is for you. After all, it’s your birthday, so listen to you roar, I’m 4, I’m 4 and I’m 3 no more! Happy 4th birthday!


You are the best gift of my life. For that, I am grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful child. I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.



You are a little angel for me. Without you, my life is without color. Have a fabulous 4th birthday, my pretty girl.

Because you can not know what to wish for, I want to make you four wishes today because you have spent four years, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity, and a lot of love. Happy 4th birthday.

Congratulations to the 4-year-old princess! On your special day, you can have fun today as a great queen. Wishing you a lot of fun for you and your friends!

I wish you peace and pleasure for every moment of your life. May GOD give you packages of joy and happiness. I wish you a very happy and prosperous 4th anniversary.

Children can become adults and get out of their toys and games but in the hearts of parents. They are always children. I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

You are the answer to all my questions, my cute little boy. Happy 4th birthday.

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As you grow up, let the abundance of the Lord follow your path every day of your life, and nothing is ever wanting. Happy 4th birthday, darling.



From the first day, we knew you are something very special. You proved it was true. I wish you a very happy and memorable 4th anniversary.

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Happy 4th Birthday Quotes for Granddaughter

Dear grandparents, are you looking for some good words to wishing a happy birthday to your 4 years granddaughter? then you are on the right page. Here you will find some meaningful and heart-touching 4th birthday wishes for your granddaughter.

Happy Birthday, Granddaughter! You make every day so much brighter just by being you.

Hope your celebration has you floating on air, from start to finish! Happy Birthday, Granddaughter.

Happy Birthday. Granddaughter, I hope your birthday is filled with love and laughter.

Granddaughter, What A Joy It Is To Have A Wonderful Granddaughter Like You. Happy Birthday.

For My Granddaughter, Happy Birthday. You’re pretty cute, you know! I hope your birthday is as great as you are because well, you’re amazing!

Happy Birthday, Granddaughter! However, you celebrate today, whatever wishes you make as you blow out the candles, always remember how much you’re loved.


For My Dearest Granddaughter, Happy Birthday. Surprise! Thought I didn’t know how to use a computer, eh? Well, you’re wrong.



Caring. Bright. Sweet. Wonderful. Granddaughter, you are all these things and more. Happy Birthday!

The sweetest wishes are headed your way for a celebration that takes the cake! Happy Birthday, Granddaughter!

Dear Granddaughter, From the first moment we met you, we knew you’d be the greatest gift we’ve ever received. Happy Birthday!

Hey Granddaughter, We hope you’re as excited about celebrating as these two are. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday. Wishing my granddaughter a wonderful year!



Happy Birthday To My Cherished Granddaughter. You are so precious to me. I hope today is full of sweet surprises and wonderful memories.

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4th Birthday Wishes for Son from Parents

Best 4th birthday wishes quotes for your son in English.

My darling, I wish you the most beautiful 4th birthday a parent can wish his child. I love you more than anything and I will always be by your side.

Today, you are turning four, and you’ve given us countless reasons to celebrate. You are not just a gift to us but to the whole world.

Live life to the fullest. Have fun, but not too much fun. Happy Birthday, son.

How do you know a genius? A genius is a boy is just four, yet, is already a source of inspiration to me. Happy Birthday, son.

My son, you may be in your teens and on your way to becoming a young man, but you’ll always be my baby boy. Happy Birthday.

A very happy 4th birthday to the most adorable baby! Today is an exceptional day and it’s your party, so enjoy it and have fun dear!

You are the greatest gift to me. So I had to make your birthday a special one. Enjoy your special day, Son!

My son, we wish you a happy birthday and many blessings on this day and every day. Love always, young Mom and Dad.

Such an awesome son is one of my greatest presents in life. Happy Bday!

What an amazing blessing to have a greatly gifted son such as you. So grateful to call you my very own son. Happy Birthday!

A sweet child like you should only be happy on a fourth Birthday, therefore, put up a positive vibe and run the show.


Hey, boy, do you know what day it is today? Well, let’s blow some candles, make a wish & find out! Happy Birthday!



Dear Son, you’re a part of me and I’m a part of you. Nothing could separate you from my love. Have a very blessed birthday.

Dear Son, I love you more than you could ever imagine. You mean the world to me. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many, many more to come.

We are truly fortunate to have raised a son such as you. Happy Birthday from the bottom of our hearts.

Let’s make a birthday toast to the Birthday King! Happy Birthday, my Son!

I may want a gift like the ones you’ll get today, but then again I have you! Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

Today on your birthday, I encourage you to cease every moment, reach for the highest heights, and take the greatest risks for they will lead you to plenty rewards. Love always, from your father.

Happy Birthday to you, my sweet son. Hoping your dreams come true.

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To my pride and joy, you are the reason I wake up with a smile every morning. Have a wonderful birthday, from my heart to yours.



When you have a son as wonderful and responsible as you, there’s no need to stay up late worrying. Thank you for being the best son ever! Happy Birthday.

Final Words

Time passes quickly. This fantastic 4th birthday will never come back. There are lots of things you can do to make your child feel special. Plan surprises, loads of gifts, toys, and let them enjoy every moment of their birthday. Make an announcement on social media and let the world know it’s your kid’s birthday. Or, you can congratulate the proud parents with an adorable birthday message and greetings. Take a look at our collection of 4th birthday messages and images, you’ll love them. Right words shared are like icing on the cake. May your little one have an awesome 4th birthday with lots of fun and laughter.

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