6 Best Ways to Stay Positive and Confident in Negative Situations

Stay Positive in Negative Situations

Everyone might have faced ups and downs in their life and is quite obvious to have adverse situations in life. We are surrounded by negativity and that is one factor that simply grabs you to it. “Stay Positive” is one such advice we often receive from our loved ones and well-wishers. But, the question here is that – Is it so easy to stay positive even in tough times?

Even the “No” answer we expect as well as we hear also have got the impact of negativity around us. Because we all find it difficult to stay calm and recover when time is hard, Positivity plays a vital role. When we see a lot of negativity floating around us. It may be in the people we are surrounded with, the situations we deal with, or in the media, we use to keep ourselves updated.

In contrast, what is that we can do to stay positive and confident in negative situations? The Mantra is simple. You think negatively it comes to you and if you think positively it will also affect you favorably.

Here come the 6 key ways to keep the positivity on


1. Surround Yourself with Positive People:

The meaning is very literal. If you want to get rid of the negative feeling generated due to whatever reason, stay away from Negative people. Furthermore, people with a negative attitude will definitely bring you down. They simply act as soul suckers and make you counterproductive.

Hence the best way out here is to surround yourself with people with positive vibes. Positive people you deal with will help you to get rid of the negativity you feel in tough times. Ever wondered, why we feel relaxed from a tough situation when we are with Mother and our true friends. You already have the answer in hand.

2. Be Grateful, Don’t Overthink About It:

The more you think about a problem or negativity behind it, the more it haunts you. That is why many of us have the habit of building a mountain of thoughts over a tough time. You need to learn to do three main steps here.

One is learning to tell the very self a big stop. Whatever situations you are in, simply show a red stop board to your thoughts. Take a deep breath. It may sound easy again, but not in reality. The third thing you should practice is to feel grateful for what you have. One may count his blessings, the support from the loved ones, or even can feel the love towards self.

3. Look for Solutions, Deviate Focus from the problem:

Many of us have the habit of simply crying over the problem we face. Rather than simply running around the bush, we should look for the available solutions. The more you look for positive things, the chances of it coming back to you are certainly high.

Definitely, problems will come. The key behind dealing with them is to simply embrace them, own it, take responsibility, and look for possible solutions. Changes are sometimes good for the upcoming lifecycle, and acceptance is the greatest mindset one can have here.

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4. Train your Mind and Body:

Give your body and mind a fresh state by giving it some task. Yes, regular exercise can improve your physical as well as mental stability.

Good sleep and a great meal can change things. Sleeping and eating adequately would support the body to rejuvenate. Probably one may go for practicing Yoga daily or indulge themselves in meditation sessions.

5. Letting It Go- It is just the time:

Holding on to the problems and difficult situations and wasting tear on it doesn’t make any sense. It is just a matter of time. Because time has that wonderful ability to recover anyone from any situation. Be patient, let it go, and wait for a good time is the best strategy.

6. Decide, Cultivate, and Practice to stay positive:

It’s all about mind-set. If you think there is a problem, then there is and if you think there is nothing then there isn’t.

Like the Tibetan, saying narrates it clearly, “If a problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, worrying will do no good”. Success always waves its magical wand on those who practice staying positive even in negative times.

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