Best 5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Success

Fear is an unpleasant feeling of danger, experienced by everyone in the world. It is triggered by the threat of physical or emotional harm. It is a negative emotion, it also keeps us safe. Some people have fear of water, height, fire, or fear of success or what so ever, we need to overcome it so it can’t harm us. We often want to change jobs or careers but afraid of failure. Have you ever suffered such situations? Fear is another side of life.

We need to sink in and believe it because this is the truth. Fear has taken up so much of our life.  As fear has taken so much from you, you are not doing what you actually want to do. You are not switching your career because you are afraid of failure. You are not taking further steps that may lead to huge success, because you are afraid.

Whenever you are uncertain about the things going on- this is the main symptom of the fear of success. Everything is happening great in your office but you are still worried, then you are worried about success. Before starting our discussion with getting rid of the fear of success we need to know about what it is. There is a different type of fear of success like people worries about making a lot of money or fear of consequences. Usually, people know about it at a very young age when success leads to something painful. It also embarrasses people who suffer from it.

How to overcome the fear of success:-

Here you will know about 5 different ways that will help you to get rid of the fear of success.

1. A deep breath to calm your mind: –

Most people who suffer from fear of success usually feel anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t let them think beyond the limits. Does not matter what the situation is, you need to take a deep breath and think about the situation. It will help you to calm your mind and think positively about the situation. Always start thinking in the morning and don’t let your fear overcome your thoughts.

2. Self-talk: –

Instead of talking to others about the situation you are facing, talk to yourself. Always think positively, talk to the mirror about the situation positively. Always appreciate yourself for what you are doing and what makes you happy. You need to think, everything that is going will turn out how it is supposed to be. Keep talking to yourself until you built trust in yourself.

3. Validate it by understanding its origin: –

People who suffer from fear of success are embarrassed and feel shame about it. It is very difficult for them to talk about it, they don’t ask for help. To overcome this fear you need to take paper and pen & write whatever you feel or want to say. It is not necessary for you to keep those notes but if you want to do so, you can. Schedule your time once or twice a week. During that time write about your feelings and talk to yourself.

4. Reward yourself & track your avoidance strategy: –

Whenever you complete your task, appreciate yourself. Give a treat to yourself and take yourself out for dinner. Treat yourself with a special surprising gift. These ridiculous fears strengthen by avoidance. We teach our brain that the thing we are afraid of is very dangerous. You can avoid the things that make you feel afraid. Fear is an unintentional strategy of our brain.

5. Talk to professionals and behavioral therapists: –

While you start understanding your own fear you can overcome it easily. But, if you are unable to handle your fear, then you need to talk to professionals. A qualified professional therapist who is a specialist in anxiety can help you properly.

Fear of success is a very rare and misunderstood struggle of success. Most of the time it is a fear of the results of the success, not the success. The fear of success is originated from an early age or teenage. All these unnecessary fears have the power to your confidence. It always stops you from what you want to do. This is the reason you need to overcome all these fears.

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