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Birthday Wishes for Kids: Birthdays are a very special day for every child. Because childhood is the best and most enjoyable time of life. At this time, children are excited about every happy occasion, especially their birthdays. Because on their birthday they are expected to get good gifts from their parents and relatives. Relatives and parents also buy beautiful gifts to make their child’s birthday special, decorate the house and celebrate their birthday with great pomp. To make your child happy, gifting them with a blessed wish message will make them feel even more special. That’s why in today’s article we have come up with a collection of very beautiful birthday quotes for children. Through these best wishes, you can give your loving blessings to the kid whose birthday it is.

How special a birthday is for children, you can guess from the fact that a few days before their birthday comes, children start celebrating happiness and enthusiasm. Seeing the enthusiasm of the children, parents also prepare to make their child’s birthday more special. For their child’s birthday, parents make nice cakes, decorate the house and call their relatives and celebrate the child’s birthday with great pomp. Children are happy to receive gifts more than on the occasion of their birthdays. On the birthday, everyone gives gifts to the child. But, if you give a blessing message with the gift, it will make the child even happier and will add to this joyous occasion even more. That’s why we have listed beautiful wish messages for kids’ birthdays, so let’s have a look at these best wishes.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for Kids


Lots of love and wishes to the most beautiful child of this universe on his Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest children on the planet! Let this day be a fantastic one, cutie!

On your birthday, always remember how lucky you are to be surrounded by everyone who loves you. Indulge in your cake and enjoy all your presents. Have a fantastic birthday!

Congratulations to the world’s cutest kid for your birthday! Today eat a lot of candy and cake and celebrate the day with your little buddies.

Happy birthday to the sweetest kid in the entire world.

Happy birthday to the coolest, most funny kid I know. You also happen to be the shortest best friend I have. I love ya with all my heart.

Wishing a happy birthday to the sweetest little boy I know. May this day be filled with marshmallows and sugar candies.

Birthdays are the perfect time for people to gather together and tell how much they love you – one of those people would be ME! Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. We love you, little one. Happy Birthday!

I have been looking forward to this day all year; happy first birthday to my precious angel. I love you so much.


As you blow out your birthday candles, I hope all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, cutie!

Hey, Birthday Kid! Because you are so great, do you know what you deserve on your special day? The most fun-filled, happy, overflowing-with-love birthday EVER!

Cake and candles, balloons, and more… you are the Birthday Kid that I adore. You are so sweet, I have to say, have a super-awesome special day!

A tremendous kid deserves a great birthday celebration. Your birthday party should be equal to your awesomeness. So, I hope your birthday is full of fun and sweetness – just like YOU!

Birthday Messages for Kids

You are sweeter than sugar and honey. May your birthday become one of the best days of your life.

You will always be a little monkey to me no matter how much you have grown-happy birthday, little kiddo.

Happy birthday to the adorable kid. Wishing you a fantastic birthday. May all your dreams come true.
Wishing you a birthday full of treats and gifts. Happy birthday to the cute little one.

You are a blessing from God, and I pray, may God keep you happy always. Happy birthday, little champ.


Happy birthday little one. The best advice I will give you is no advice at all. Enjoy your birthday!

Happy birthday to the sweetest kid I have ever seen. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest!

Happy birthday to the coolest and sassiest kid I have ever known. Congratulations on getting a little older.

Receive my cordial love on your birthday, little one. May Lord bless you with boundless blessings and happiness.


Have a blessed birthday. I pray to God to lead you to the right path and keep you safe.

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Birthday Wishes for Kid Girl

Congratulations on your big day, sweetheart. You are a little piece of heaven from God. Have a wonderful birthday!


Today is a big day for your girl. My warmest wishes and blessings on her birthday. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday little princess. You have made our life colorful and blissful, dear-many, many good wishes to you.

Wishing your little angel a fantastic birthday full of amazing treats. She has grown up as an amazing girl!

You have fulfilled our life, daughter. You will always be our little princess. Happy birthday, our princess.

You keep blessing people around you with your sweet smile and words. Happy birthday, my cute little niece.


Happy birthday to my little niece, who brings laughter and joy to my day to day life.

Birthday Quotes for Kid Boy

Wishing you a lovely birthday. I hope the birthday be as wonderful as you are!

Happy birthday my baby nephew. May you be showered with love, surprise, and gifts on your birthday.

It is a big day for you as parents. Happy birthday to your baby boy.

Your son deserves the coolest birthday party. May his birthday be full of fun. Happy birthday to him.


Today is special because you came into our lives. You are truly a gift to us. Happy birthday.

We, Mom and Dad, promise to protect you from every harm, sweetheart. You are so precious to us. Happy birthday.

You have brought so much happiness into our lives ever since you were born. Happy birthday, little boy.


I cannot express how much you mean to me, baby. Wishing you a happy birthday, my coolest nephew.

Funny Birthday Wishes Quotes for Kid Boys and Girls

Happiest Birthday to You Silly One!

Forget your homework and play lots of games. Have truckloads of fun on your big day. Happy birthday!

A wish made on a birthday is granted super soon. Go wild and make tons of crazy wishes. Happy birthday, kid!

Joy and chaos go hand in hand with you around. Happy birthday naughty one!

Wishing you all the ice-cream, cupcakes, and marshmallows you can eat on your birthday. Gobble them up as quickly as you can. Happy birthday little munchkin!

Time is flying by so fast. Your rosy cheeks remind me of your infant days. Do not grow up so quickly. May every day of your life be as special as your birthday. Happy birthday!

Birthdays are the best excuse to sit and binge-watch all the Disney movies. Go ahead and watch all your favorite ones. Happy birthday!


Blow the candles and dig into your birthday cake. Share a slice of the cake with me. Happy birthday!

Drum rolls It is the birthday of someone very special. May you have a fantastic birthday.

What is more fun than breaking those toys? Your birthday! Happy birthday to a very special kid.

How do pickles celebrate their birthday? They relish every moment. May you live every moment of your life like a pickle. Happy birthday!


You know what rhymes with May, Your birthday! Happy birthday, champ!

Final Word

For parents, their children are their complete wish. The life of parents becomes happy because of children in life. Due to this, the parents are happier on the birthday of the child than the child. That is why they prepare to celebrate their child’s birthday with great pomp and also buy cute gifts for the child. To make this special occasion even more special, along with gifts, you can give blessing messages to your children. You can also send these wish messages written on your birthday to your relative on the birthday of any child. We hope you have liked these birthday messages for kids. You must share this article with others through your social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, you can tell us by writing in the comment.

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