Canberra Day Quotes, Wishes, and Messages 2022

Canberra Day Quotes: Canberra day is celebrated every year on the second Monday of March. It is an Australian public vacation day that was first celebrated on 12 March 1913 in Jervis Bay and Capital Territory. Canberra is the new name of the capital and home to many financial institutions. It was named by Lady Denman in1913; the wife of Lord Denman who was the governor-general of that time. People meet and greet each other with prosperity and pleasure on this special day. Are you looking for some Inspirational and motivational Canberra Day messages to wish your friends and family? Well, we have compiled a list of happy Canberra day wishes and quotes. Pick and share some beautiful messages to remember the significance of your hometown.

The enthusiasm and spirit to celebrate this day are worth watching. It is celebrated almost like Australian republic day except for only the people of Canberra participate. People dance together and enjoy this day with pride. They commemorate the memories and spend time together. Canberra is said to wear the cultural crown of Australia. Canberra is a beautiful city with a short population and surrounded by hills, sea and is known as a great place to grow up in.

Happy Canberra Day Quotes 2022

Happy Canberra Day. I hope you have an enjoyable day with your loved ones.

Let us strive to be people who our homeland can be proud of, just as we are proud of Canberra. Have a wonderful Canberra Day!

Let’s get out of our homes and witness the wonderful morning of Canberra, and enjoy this wonderful Canberra day with our friends and families.

Canberra is more than simply a city; it is our home. Happy Canberra Day.


“I miss Canberra. It’s a great place to grow up in.” – Samara Weaving

Let us enjoy this lovely holiday with pride in our hearts for Canberra!

I wouldn’t want our capital to be known as anything else than Canberra. Let us all join in celebrating its naming. Everyone, have a happy Canberra Day.

Spend a wonderful day with your family and friends on this significant occasion of Canberra Day, and create memories together. Happy Canberra Day.

Let us celebrate and dance all day and night on this beautiful Canberra Day.

A place never have seen before, people you want to stay with forever, yes, it’s our home, its Australia’s capital, it’s the marvelous Canberra we are talking about, come visit us and celebrate this Canberra day

“I love just being in Canberra and being with my family, being with my friends.” – Nick Kyrgios

If our body is pumped by our heart, then Canberra is the heart of Australia, and we feel the happiest to celebrate this Canberra day with all our fellow mates

Let’s have a blast today and enjoy this wonderful Canberra day and spread happiness and joy all over our fellow Canberrans.

May we prosper along with our capital, or the city where lies the heart of Australia, hence a happy Canberra day to all

Canberra Day Wishes for Friends and Family

Let us remember our Australian roots and enjoy this great Canberra Day together!

Family and friends, I hope you all have a wonderful Canberra Day. Let us commemorate this day by spreading joy to one another.


Family, sending you my warm wishes this Canberra Day. It is the memories we make together today that will last a lifetime.

My dear friends, I wish you a happy Canberra Day. Let us rejoice today by remembering how fortunate we are to have such a great motherland.

Let us constantly express our appreciation to our nation. Happy Canberra Day, friends.

Thank you for birthing and raising me in this wonderful city. Happy Canberra Day, family.

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Canberra Day Wishes Messages

Happy Canberra Day! I wish you pleasure and prosperity on this Canberra Day.

Let us celebrate our capital and country on this magnificent day. Wishing a very happy Canberra Day to everyone.

Heart of Australia, city of joy, the emotion of all who live or have lived here, is what we call Canberra, to all Canberrans, a merry Canberra day to all

This city is not only just the capital, it’s what we call the heritage of Australia. And we Canberrans celebrate this day with joy and lots of love.


“While Melbourne and Sydney fight about who wears Australia’s cultural crown, Canberra just gets on with it.” – Judy Horacek

It’s the second Monday of March once again; It’s the wonderful Canberra Day. I wish you a pleasant holiday with your family and friends.

On this Canberra Day, remember and talk about the significance of Canberra and spread pride among your fellow citizens! Happy Canberra Day to you all!

Let us all go out and enjoy Canberra’s splendid day. Have a good holiday!

“This is a look, a part of Australia we don’t see. The wide streets, the architecture, the embassies, the space. It’s really beautiful and there’s a feel to Canberra that is different to any other city.” – Ashley Zukerman

Come out and dance and play, and feast all day since this day is none other than our most enjoyable Canberra day

Let’s all come and show, how we Canberrans share and grow, learn from us, and let us show the grace of Canberra, hence celebrate this auspicious Canberra day with us

Final Words:

Canberra is not only the capital but is known as the heritage city of Australia. The architecture, wide streets, embassies adds a different feel to Canberra. Canberrians are very excited to celebrate this day with love. So, rekindle the legacy and importance of Canberra day with our amazing collection of messages and quotes. Whether or not you live in Canberra, you must share these quotes with your near and dear ones who live there. Browse our Canberra day wishes to feel proud and spread happiness and joy.

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