Best Mahatma Gandhi Ji Quotes on Education, Humanity, Equality, Leadership


Best Collections of Mahatma Gandhi Ji Quotes Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, well known as Mahatma Gandhi. He played a vital role as a freedom fighter. He used non- violence and satyagraha as his powerful tools as well inspire other political leaders. Rather than a political leader he was also a great writer who wrote many quotes. Here we are providing you some of famous Mahatma Gandhi Quotes. He is also known as father of the Nation or as Bapu. He was a good lawyer, great politician, writer and social activist, who…

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Elon Musk Quotes – Inspirational and Motivational Quotes for Success


Follow your passion for success with Elon Musk Quotes Life gives lots of opportunities to people in different aspects. However, life is a combination of both good and bad times. A good time will make one stronger, but bad times will make people broken. Here comes the need for self-motivation through some quotes. These quotes should be from someone who has achieved in their life and set a path for the others. In the list, for everyone who loves to become a successful businessman, Elon musk is serving as the…

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100+ Best Maya Angelou Quotes on Inspiring, Love, Life, Success, Courage


Best Collection of Maya Angelou Quotes   You can use Maya Angelou motivational quotes to cheer up your day when you are having a bad day. But before reading her quotes we need to know about her. There are many people who know her really well as a writer and activist. She was a beloved singer, poet, and memoirist of America. Also, she has published three books of essay, seven autobiographies, and several books on poetry. She wrote about beauty, love, equality, and success, and self-examination. She was well known…

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Michael Jackson Quotes on Inspirational, Life, Music, Dance


Best Collections of MJ Quotes Before heading toward Michael Jackson quotes, let’s discuss the “king of pop”. The most significant cultural figure, American singer, songwriter, and dancer born on 29-August -1958 and finished his life journey on 25-June-2009. The eighth child of the Jackson family, he started his career with a band along with his brothers and father “The Jackson 5”. The Jackson 5 attained so much success, but Michael started his solo career in 1971 as a musician. He also got huge success with his solo performances and during…

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3 Albert Einstein Quotes on Technology and what it means?


Albert Einstein spoke very meaningful quotes on technology. In this post, We are going to share with you the best Albert Einstein quotes on technology with its meanings. Technological advancement has comes to a stage where it has now even the capacity to surpass human brains. Yes, the prophecy of Albert Einstein has come true. He was the theoretical physicist and one of the greatest thinkers the world has ever seen. The man (1879 – 1955) behind the various contributions such as Quantum Theory of Light, Theory of Relativity, Avogadro’s…

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Best Tony Robbins Quotes on Love, Fears, Motivational, Life, Inspirational


Best Quotes by Tony Robbins If you believe in “self-motivation” you must be well known to Tony Robbins. You have already read Tony Robbins quotes for motivational. He is an author of many “self-help books” overall he is a successful author and motivational speaker. Anthony J Mahavoric born on 29-Feb-1960, an American motivational speaker, author, and life coach. Tony started his career with promoting seminars for Jim Rohn, where he brushed up his knowledge with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Tony has sold more than 35 million books, audios, and videos. He is…

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90 Very Powerful Martin Luther King Jr Quotes for All Aspects of Life


Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes Covering all Life Aspects – Love, Leadership, Education, Motivation, Day, Justice, etc. Inspire yourself with the most powerful and life-changing Martin Luther King Jr. quotes. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He acted as a key person in the American Civil Rights Movement. Being a great activist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he is a personality of motivation for millions of people around the world. For the reason, his wordings in the form of quotes have worked…

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