Abdul Kalam Positive Thinking Quotes That Will Motivate You Forever


Are you looking for positive lines that can boost your confidence? Then here you will find a great collection of Dr. Abdul Kalam positive quotes. APJ (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen) Abdul Kalam was an aerospace scientist and also knows as the “Missile Man” of India. APJ Abdul Kalam played an important role for India and he … Read more

80+ Best Benjamin Franklin Quotes Images – Famous Benjamin Sayings


Famous Benjamin Franklin Quotes Benjamin Franklin Quotes motivates and inspires us to be responsible for our own life. A glass of water is half-filled or half-empty;  it’s your perspective that makes you optimistic or pessimistic. Benjamin Franklin is known as the Founding father of America who unyoked America from Britain; he was a Rockstar who contributed to drafting … Read more

Buddha Quotes on Anger – Manage Your Anger with Buddha Quote


Buddha Anger Quotes for Anger Management Buddha, one of the most followed spiritual teachers in this world. Hence this has resulted in the creation of a religion called Buddhism. His faith in enlightenment has made him free from attachments, compassionate, and learned to be happy in the current state. He has dedicated his entire life … Read more

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Inspiring & Life-Changing Abraham Lincoln Quotes Abraham Lincoln, a great pragmatist and radical who was born into poverty became the 16th president of the U.S. from 1861-1865. There has been no other figure still today like Lincoln not only in America but also in modern history. He was an American statesman and self-studied lawyer who … Read more

Best 20+ Jesus Quotes About Life


Jesus Quotes About Life Almost everyone in today’s world is after money, power, and authority. Living to fulfill the endless craving for worldly things and still unsatisfied. Such people may appear to be happy at first but in the end, are sunk into utter obscurity. When people get shattered, devastated, and hopeless they look for … Read more

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