Famous Tom Cruise Quotes That will Inspire You to Get Success


Who doesn’t know Tom Cruise? One of the highest-paid American actors and film directors in the world. He is known for his outspoken personality and a successful advocate for social programs and Scientology churches. He is a living inspiration for many heartbroken, depressed and youngsters. We have compiled the best motivational tom cruise quotes that … Read more

Inspirational Wayne Rooney Quotes on Success, Soccer


In this post, we have brought you the best collection of Wayne Rooney quotes. which you will get inspired by reading. Wayne Rooney is a professional football player. He was born on 24 October 1985 in England. His father’s name is Thomas Rooney and his mother’s name is Jeanette Rooney. He first played for the … Read more

Oprah Winfrey Quotes on Life, Love, Success with Images


Oprah Winfrey Quotes: Oprah Winfrey is also known as the greatest Black Philanthropist of America. Her struggling life inspires and encourages us that there is nothing that we can’t achieve in this life. The women started at the bottom and became extremely successful celebrity figures. At present Oprah is an actress, host of a talk … Read more

Muniba Mazari Quotes That will Force You to Think Big (Iron Lady of Pakistan)


Muniba Mazari Quotes: Muniba Mazari, The Iron Lady of Pakistan is a source of motivation and inspiration. She inspires us to believe in the fact that real happiness lies in gratitude and not in success, money, and fame. Despite her life struggles and physical deformation in a tragic car accident, she managed to overcome all … Read more

Jay Shetty Quotes on Life, Success, Love, Motivation, Education


Inspirational Jay Shetty Quotes Jay Shetty – a monk turned motivational speaker and the voice of the internet with a huge fan following base. For this reason, Jay Shetty’s quotes seem superb motivational, the millennial youth are behind him on social media platforms. Born in London, UK in 1987, Jay Shetty acts as an inspiration … Read more

Abdul Kalam Positive Thinking Quotes That Will Motivate You Forever


Are you looking for positive lines that can boost your confidence? Then here you will find a great collection of Dr. Abdul Kalam positive quotes. APJ (Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen) Abdul Kalam was an aerospace scientist and also knows as the “Missile Man” of India. APJ Abdul Kalam played an important role for India and he … Read more

70+ Best Osho Quotes On Life, Love, Happiness, Inspirational

osho quotes on love, life, happiness, inspirational

Osho Words that will Change Your Life Are you looking for the best Osho quotes? Then look here. Do you know Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain? No…? Ok but you must know Osho, who was born on 11 – December – 1931 in the village of central India Kuchwada. He was the elder one among 11 … Read more