Happy Daughter Day Quotes from Mother with Images

Daughter Day Quotes from Mother: A daughter is special and precious to every parent. Daughters are the taste of the house. She takes care of everyone. From childhood, she realizes the responsibility of the family. A daughter’s relationship with her mother is intense. Because a daughter learns many things in her life from her mother. That is why for every daughter, her mother is very important. Even for a mother, her daughter is the biggest blessing of God.

If you are a mother and you have a daughter, this Daughter’s Day you can tell her how much you love your daughter through beautiful wish messages. Even though the mother-daughter relationship is very sweet, sometimes it becomes challenging because many times the daughter also feels that maybe her mother loves her brother more than her. So this daughter’s day you will send loving daughter’s day quotes to your daughter then she will realize that she is the precious gem of your life.

Daughter’s Day is a dedicated day for all daughters, on this day parents make their daughters feel special. Daughter’s Day is celebrated in almost all countries and on different days in different countries. But, every year in India it falls on the fourth Sunday of September. Daughter’s Day will fall on the 25th of September this year. On this day parents give beautiful gifts to their daughters to make them feel special. If you are a mother and want to do something special for your daughter this Daughter’s Day, words will be enough for you. Yes, if you will wish your daughter a Happy Daughter’s Day through beautiful and loving words then this will prove to be the biggest gift for her. You do not have trouble finding the words, that’s why we have listed daughter’s day quotes from mother here.

Daughter Day Quotes from Mother

To know you are raising a girl to be a strong independent woman makes a mother proud. Happy Daughter Day!


My daughter is my second chance to get it right. Happy Daughter Day!

A mother’s vintage clothes become a daughter’s hidden treasure.

The most precious jewel a mother owns is her daughter’s life around hers.

A mother will teach her daughter how to look the part, but also how to be the part.

Your mother is your biggest fan, your greatest ally, and your defender until the end.

May you find a man who will treat you like a treasure he has always looked for.

A daughter is a mirror to her mother; she only hopes that she’s put on enough make-up to stomach the view.

A daughter is a reflection of a mother’s joy. Happy Daughter Day!


The best girl talks are between a mother and her daughter. Happy Daughter Day!

I can still remember cradling you in my arms and thanking God for you. Happy Daughter’s Day! Love from your mother.

There will be days you will wish you were back in your mother’s arms, and you can always come home to them.

When people ask, tell them you got it from your mamma. Happy Daughter Day!

Though the world will try to break you down, I pray you will always have the strength to look up.

Heart Touching Daughters Day Wishes from Mother

Happy Daughters Day to you, my precious! I want you to follow every dream you have and do anything that makes you happy! I love you!

Having a daughter such awesome as you is a privilege. Happy daughter’s day, birdie. Love you.

Happy Daughters Day! Being the mother of a perfect daughter like you is a dream come true for me! May you grow up beautifully, my child!

Happy daughter’s day 2022! I wouldn’t trade being your mother with anything.

Happy Daughters Day, my angel! The world is a scary place, but I am sure you will win over it with your grace and boldness!

My daughter, you take such good care of me and understand all my needs. May you always stay blessed! Happy Daughters Day!


The first time I laid my eyes on you, I got all happiness in life. Happy daughter’s day.

Happy Daughters Day, dear. My heart swells with pride to see you growing up as a wonderful, self-righteous, and empowered woman!

I could have never asked for any cooler than you. Thanks for being so kind and brave; mommy loves you to the moon and back.

Wishing you a very Happy Daughters Day, my daughter. You are undoubtedly the greatest gift of my life! I love you so much!


I am the proudest mother because of you. Thank you for being my daughter. Happy daughter’s day, my child.

Happy Daughters Day Messages from Mom

If our family is a garden, you are the most beautiful flower that blooms and gives spring to our life. Happy daughter’s day.

Being your mother is the most precious blessing of my life. Happy Daughters Day to you! May you always find happiness!

Dearie, thanks for growing up so fine and making me proud every day. Love you so much, bubs.

No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her mom.

On this Daughter’s Day, let me tell say, you are your mother’s sunshine and joy. Forever and always, you are my girl. Stay blessed and happy always!


My lovely daughter, you are my pride! I promise you will find me by your side in every step of your life. Happy Daughters Day!

Life is tough, my daughter, but so are you.

Today, I pray that I’m a good example for you to follow in my footsteps. Wish you a wonderful Daughter’s Day!

You are the only woman I don’t mind competing with for your father’s attention.


I consider myself fortunate and proud every day of being your mother. Happy daughter’s day, my little baby.

Emotional Daughters Day Quotes from Mother

A daughter is the most beautiful gift this world has to give. – Laurel Atherton

By the time a woman realizes that her mother was right, she has a daughter who thinks she’s wrong.

As they get older, our daughters become more and more like us too. – Amy Newmark

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.


Daughters are the joy of a mother and father’s heart, beauty and sweetness describe them from the start. Happy Daughter’s Day!

My mom taught me a woman’s mind should be the most beautiful part of her. – Sonya Teclai

A daughter will follow in her mom’s footsteps so make sure to set a good example. – Elizabeth George

No one in this world can love a girl more than her mother. – Michael Ratnadeepak

What the daughter does, the mother did. – Jewish Proverb


A daughter is the most beautiful blessing from God, a blessing that brightens each and every day of our life.

National Daughters Day Quotes from mother

I didn’t give you the gift of life. Life gave me the gift of you.

Mom: my daughter is always so responsive and always makes smart decisions. Daughter: …

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. Happy Daughter’s Day.

Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world? I don’t know dear, you’ll have to ask grandma.

I can’t settle for just anything, my daughter is watching me.

When’s the national transfer money to your daughter’s account day?

To my daughter, I will say, ‘See your beauty without a compliment or a mirror.

My dear daughter, you are the sunshine that brightens my day! Happy Daughter’s Day!

Just when I think my daughter is nothing like me, she proudly shows her attitude and I’m like “there I am”.

You are the source of endless joy for me, you are the best thing that ever happened to me! Happy National Daughter’s Day!

Daughters are like flowers. They fill the world with beauty.

The sparkle in your eyes is my guiding light and your smile, is my life’s purpose.

Happiness is spending the day with your daughter!

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. – Laurel Atherton


No words can describe my love for you! Happy National Daughter’s Day!

I’d celebrate a daughter like you every day. Happy Daughter’s Day!

No matter how old my daughter gets, she’ll always be my baby girl.

You can’t be sure of most things in this world, but you can be sure of the love that lies between a mother and a daughter.

You are my strength on difficult days. Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is my daughter.

You’ve had me wrapped around your finger since you were born. Happy National Daughter’s Day!

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. Happy Daughter’s Day.


Daughters are little angels who grow up to be your best friend. Happy National Daughter’s Day!

Last Word

Every daughter desires love from their mother. Although a mother also gives a lot of love to her daughter. Because the daughter is a beautiful flower in her life, which she always wants to keep safe. Daughters are the mirror of their mothers. She understands all the feelings of her mother at once. On this Daughter’s Day, send best wishes to your daughter like a lovely flower through Daughter’s Day quotes. Your daughter will be very happy just by reading these best wishes. We hope you liked today’s article. Do share this article with other people through your social media account Instagram, Facebook WhatsApp, etc.

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