Diwali Wishes for Friends – Sweet Deepavali Messages 2021

Are you looking for the best Diwali Wishes for friends? Here you will find happy Diwali quotes with images.

Let’s 1st know about Diwali.

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is a Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn. The festival lasts for five days and is a time for family, friends, and the community to come together in celebration. Diwali is a time for feasting and gift-giving, and the lighting of diyas (traditional oil lamps) is a central part of the festivities. Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama from exile after defeating Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. It is also a celebration of good over evil.

Send propitious and happy Diwali wishes messages to your friends at the festival of lights. Good Diwali wishes can make your friend happy. If you have a friend then send him or her best Diwali wishes quotes images by using Whatsapp or text messages. Below you will find beautiful messages with images for wishing a happy Diwali to your friends.

Diwali Wishes for Friends

Dear friends, celebrate this meaningful occasion by spreading love and laughter! Happy Diwali!


Many Good Wishes To You On Diwali! Our Lives Become Beautiful When We Put Our Heart Into Whatever We Do. May The Diwali Offer You Prosperity, Health, And Wealth.

The light of sparkling diyas brings in your life new hope and new energy for a prosperous and happy life…. Best wishes on Diwali to you my friend.

May the Festival of Lights, Full Your Life with the Glow of Happiness and the Sparkle of Joy.


Wishing you a sparkling festival of lights! Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali! May blessings of wealth and beauty abound to you!

Wish You All Avery Very Happy Diwali And Hope That Every Person Transform From The Darkness To The Happiness.

May this Diwali be held close to our hearts because its meaning never ends and the spirit of which is warmth and joy of remembering old friends! – Happy Diwali

May this Diwali add new colors to your life and bring lights into your life. I am always here for you, my friend. Happy Diwali.

The specialty of Diwali is to be able to visualize a promising future in front of us. May this Diwali bring out hopes in us all, enabling us to see the best part of life, and set aside the negativity.

I Am Wishing That The Bright Lights Of Diwali Guide You Through Your Way Out Of Every Streak Of Trials In This Life. – Happy Diwali.

May your home and heart be filled with warmth and happiness…. May Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi shower their blessings on you every day…. Warm wishes on Diwali to you.

Blessings from the Supreme Light of Lights are upon you!


May the sparkles of lights and sounds of crackers fill your life with moments of happiness…. May you have the most wonderful Diwali with your family…. Happy Diwali to you!!!

Happy Diwali Wishes for Friends

May God bring all the happiness and beauty to your life this Diwali.


Happy Diwali, my friends! May this year’s Diwali kick-start good fortune, fresh opportunities, and awaited victories for all of you!

The festival of joy, light, and hope marks a new beginning in our lives. May this Diwali be a special one that will lead you and your family to a glorious future ahead of you.

May The Millions Of Lamps Of Diwali Illuminate Your Life With Happiness, Joy, Peace & Health. Wish You And Your Family A Very Prosperous Diwali.

I hope this Diwali vanishes all your worries and makes you happier than ever. Dear friend, thanks for being the light of my life and guiding me always. Happy Diwali, I love you so much.

For my dear friend, wishing you and your family a happy Diwali. I send gifts for all of you to celebrate the spirit of the festival and hope you will love them.

On this Diwali, let us move from untruth to truth and from darkness to light. May the message of the most beautiful Indian tradition lead us forth with our goals and aspirations.

For every light you see this year, may the blessings of Diwali shine even brighter for you.

happy diwali wishes for friends

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Happy Diwali All Friends

Another Year Will Be Over, Another Year Will Come. I Hope And Pray That The Lights Of Diwali Illuminate The New Chapter Of Your Life. Happy Diwali.

May this Diwali cheer you with all its attraction. Consume sweets and fire up all the firecrackers but stay safe! I miss you every day. Have a blessed Diwali, friend.

To my friend, wishing you a happy Diwali. I hope this Diwali be an awesome celebration for you and you be blessed with wealth and success always.

All the lights of the world cannot be compared to the beauty of the enlightened inner soul. May you remain happy and prosperous. Happy Diwali!

The light of Goodness and Prosperity will be bright for you this year. Happy Diwali!


May Millions Of Lamps Illuminate Your Life With Endless Prosperity, Health, And Wealth Forever. Wishes You And Your Family A Very Happy Diwali

Celebrate this festival of victory with happiness, sweets, and lights. May this auspicious festival bring you peace and prosperity in life. Have a happy and great Diwali!

On the occasion of Diwali, I pray that our friendship is blessed with better understanding and lots of love…. I wish that the divine light of millions of diyas on this festive night bless you with happiness, glory, and health my friend. Sending you best wishes on Diwali my dear!!

For this Diwali, I am hoping you are blessed with all the showers of wealth and joy!

Life With You Is Like Diwali, Therefore Lets Promise To Be Together Like That Forever.

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Happy Diwali to all my Friends and Family

Hope the blessings of Diwali protect you from every harm throughout the upcoming year. Wishing you and your family a joyful and prosperous Diwali! May God always bless you.

I pray Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi to always bless you and your family with the best of happiness, health, and prosperity as we celebrate the festival of lights. May you enjoy new hope, new energy, and new opportunities in the coming new year. Happy Diwali to you my friend.

Your family has been so great to me – I wish you all the best for Diwali this year!

Happy-diwali-to-all-my-friends and family

God Bless You & Your Families For All Your Hard Work & Sacrifice For The Country And People !!” Happy Diwali

May the upcoming year help you fulfill your dreams and provide you with all that brings you joy. Enjoy the festival, and make wonderful memories. Happy Diwali bestie.

I want to make your Diwali celebrations all the more cheerful, happy and colorful with beautiful and warm wishes from the deepest of my heart. Dear friend, I pray for your success and joy, health and harmony…. Wishing you a wonderful and warm Diwali loaded with wishes.

Let’s Celebrate A Peaceful, Happy & Green Diwali. Let’s Go Green and Let’s Save Planet Earth By Saying No To Crackers. Happy Diwali

Life with you is like Diwali all year long! So, let’s celebrate our lives together and continue to have fun. I wish you have a safe and happy Diwali, my dear best friend.

Dear friend, I send happy Diwali wishes to you through this text. I also send beautiful gifts and sweets to celebrate the spirit of the festival with love.

Diwali always brings back the nostalgia of past celebrations and spreads the warmth of love and unity. Happy Diwali, dear friends!

A very Happy Diwali to my friend…. May the brightness of diyas take away all the darkness from your life…. May the celebrations leave you with happiness and a smile.

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