Top 15 Friday Fitness Quotes with Images

Our Friday fitness quotes will motivate you to never miss your workout sessions. Fridays are not freaking drinking gays but are the fitness days. There is no weekend-off for those who want to achieve their goals. To be healthy and happy must be the priority of your life. According to a fitness survey, energy and activity levels falls on Friday. As Fridays are the last working days of the week. Fridays might lure you with parties, get-together after a busy work schedule throughout the week. But keep in mind your efforts, sweat, hard workout sessions you have been throughout the week to stay fit and lose those extra pounds. So, be determined that no matter what I won’t miss my workout regime!

Fitness can not be bought with money, you have to put your blood and sweat to hit your target. Make sure you are determined and consistent. Recall your goal daily so you won’t skip your gym sessions. Want to know the success mantra? It’s a 100% proven fact that if we consistently do anything for 21 continuous days. It becomes our habit. Consistency is the key to success. We aren’t asking you to miss your parties or events. We aim to encourage you to not miss that golden hour of workout sessions. Health should be your topmost priority.  Daily read our Friday workout quotes that will boost your energy and confidence level and will keep you motivated throughout the week.

Want to party? Then do it! Don’t find an excuse to miss your fitness regime. Just because it’s Friday. The weekend workouts have proven to give better results. Keep a track of your calorie intake, control your overeating habits, and over-drinking. Make sure to work even harder on the next workout session. Gyms are empty on most Fridays. So, make the most of it. Hit the gym without any lame excuse. Challenge yourself to not give up whether it’s Friday, Saturday, or any day of the week!

Friday Fitness Quotes in English

Best motivational fitness quotes for Friday. Read and share with your relatives, friends.

friday fitness quotes

If you train hard, you will not only be hard, but you will be hard to beat. – Herschel Walker



The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape. The hard part is getting your mind in shape.



You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.



Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. – Lance Armstrong

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The only side effect of too much training is that you get into better There is nothing wrong with that. – Mark Spitz



If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you are the one who comes up on the short end. – Dr. J


friday fitness quote

I’m not out there sweating for 3 hours every day just to find out what it feels to sweat. – Michael Jordan

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Best Gym Exercise Quotes for Friday


I never regret it when I do it. I regret it when I don’t. – Alison Lewis



This is the inner beauty of sports and competition, and it can serve us all well as adult athletes. – Peggy Flemming



I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say. Because of you I didn’t give up.



Friday night is beast mode night.



Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. I had to put in the time to get back. And it was a grind. It meant training and sweating every day. But I was completely committed to working out to prove to myself that I still could do it. – Andre Agassi



If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. – Mark Twain



Don’t let the weekend become your weak end.


friday fitness workout quote

A one-hour workout is 4% of your day no excuses.

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Waiting for the perfect time to start the gym? Well, that won’t come until you start it today. Losing weight is more of your mind work than hard work. Stop thinking and start doing it right now! Share and read our Friday gym quotes. Our fitness quotes are perfect to get inspired and inspire your friends and family who are working hard to lose weight. These motivational quotes won’t let you skip your gym regime. So get up and get rid of those extra pounds. It’s up to you! Make the change to bring the change. Someone rightly said; No pain, no gain!

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