Global Family Day Quotes 2024 – Messages and Wishes

Every year on January 1, Global Family Day is celebrated with a spirit to promote peace and love worldwide. It was started in 2000 with an effort to promote pluralism and multiculturalism and encourage all to respect each other religion and culture. In short, the day promotes the theme that the world is one big family.

How Global Family Day Was Coined?

The idea to celebrate a Global Family Day was inspired by the book ‘One Day in Peace – January 1, 2000,’ launched by the United Nations. The book focuses on peace and resonates with the idea that there will be a day when there won’t be any war. Healthy and happy families are the foundation of communities that help make a peaceful world to live in. The United Nations encourages everyone to care for each other like family members so we can live in a peaceful world.

How to Celebrate Global Family Day?

The day can be celebrated in many ways. You can spend time with your family, watch movies together, or spend quality time and share Global Family Day wishes. For far-located families, you can send messages and wish each other ‘Global Family Day. Sometimes, a quote is enough to show how much you care and love each other.

Global Family Day Quotes, Messages and Wishes

A happy Family is the pillar of a happy society. Let all the families come together and spread love and brotherhood with each other.

Wishing Happy International Family Day, my friend. May God bless your family and give the family all Happiness and Prosperity.

Let’s share our love and happiness with each other’s families by spreading harmony and peace. Let’s share gifts as a message of Global Family Day.

Make the world a better place to live in by making personal commitments to follow nonviolence. Spread the word of peace among all our fellow brothers and sisters. Let’s celebrate Global Family Day by spreading peace and harmony.

Global Family Day Quotes Messages

You can grow with happiness and joy, Laugh your heart out, and live every moment of your life with enthusiasm if you have a Happy Family.

We live in a world which is divided with differences but we are still one as we live on the same Earth and we drink the same water and eat the same food. Happy Global Family Day to you as we celebrate this wonderful day.

International Family Day repeats the fact that we are all like one International family of Humanity. Happy International Day of Families.

A family is like a school. It’s a place where one learns about leadership and guidance, gets mutual support, and prepares to be a good adult. It is like a training center for life. Let’s all thank God for giving us such lovely families and could our self as good human beings.

Family is the hope that helps you survive in adverse circumstances. Family is the strength and the reason for happiness… We are blessed to have our loved ones around… Let us live like a global family and we would surely be much happier and more blessed. Happy Global Family Day.

We are all rich as we all have our families with us… no matter how much money and comforts we have… Let us thank God for blessing us with a big global family with millions of people sharing this world with us. Wishing you a very Happy Global Family Day.

When you are happy or when you are sad. When you are successful or when you badly fail. in all the good and the bad times, you will always find your family standing with you which is your biggest strength. Best wishes to you on Global Family Day. Let us all live like a global family.

Global Family Day reiterates the fact that we are all one global family of the human race. Let us spread harmony among our human race and live as one united family.

Having a family means having people to put your arms around and always being there in good and bad times with each other. May our world become like a gigantic family bonded with peace and happiness. Wishing you a very Happy Global Family Day my dear.


If you have your family stand by you then you are truly the strongest and also the most blessed person in this whole Universe.

The world is our family, and we stand for our family. The shared feeling of a family makes the world a more beautiful and peaceful place to live in. We should take a pledge to be a part of each other happiness by promoting peace and harmony across religions and cultures.