Graduation Wishes for Brother – Graduation Quotes Messages

Getting a bachelor’s degree is a very touching moment not only for a student but also for those close to him. After graduation, we get a lot of opportunities so we can do something in our life based on our ability. After passing the bachelor’s degree with a good number, you get a job in a good company. In this way, a new chapter starts in life after graduation which is the chapter of achieving success. Whether your brother is younger or older, it is important to send him greetings after completing his graduation. If you are wondering what to write to your brother about his graduation achievement, you need not worry. Because further in this article we have brought Graduation Wishes for Brother.

Brother is like a shield in life, who stands by you in every difficult situation of life. With my brother, we feel a protective environment. Brother is also a friend and also a guide. We spent a lot of time together from childhood to the elderly. To send a message to your brother about the success of graduation is to express your happiness to your brother. By sending a message to your brother, you can tell how happy you are at his achievement and you wish him a successful future.

On the success of your brother’s graduation, there is an atmosphere of celebration in the house. Graduation Wishes for your Brother will make your brother even happier in this festive atmosphere. Here we have listed a collection of some good graduation wishes for your brother. you can send them to your brother with the help of social media platforms or you can wish him by writing them on a greeting card.

Graduation Wishes for Brother


Dear brother, you never disappointed mom and dad. Congratulation on your big success.

Congratulations to the best brother in the world who never failed to make our dreams come true. I wish the best for you.

I’m so happy to see you graduate. You are on your way to fulfilling your dreams. All my best wishes to you.

Congratulations on achieving such a significant milestone in your life and accomplishing your goal! I am so proud of you. Happy graduation, my brother.

I have enjoyed every minute of watching you grow up and I’m proud to see you graduate! I couldn’t be happier for you. Congratulations to my graduate brother!

It feels good to know that all of your hard work paid off in something this incredible! Congratulations on your graduation, brother! You did it!

While the sky is the limit, that doesn’t mean you won’t toss your graduation cap into the air! Congratulations on your graduation! You’ve made it all the way to the end!

Congratulations on your graduation brother. You’ve finally done it and I feel so proud of you.

Many dreams, some try, but only a few achieve. You are an achiever. You have made us all proud, keep up the good work.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when things turn into drastic changes. I’m wishing you the best of luck in this next step of life. Congratulations on your graduation.

As long as you keep on believing in yourself, more of these achievements will keep coming! Congratulations brother! Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate.

The world is calling you to own it and to explore lots of adventures hidden on the way! Take your chances and enjoy! Congrats on your graduation!

I wish you many more years of prosperity, brother. Congratulations on finishing your studies.

This is not just the end but also the beginning of something new. I can’t express how proud I am today of you, my brother.

I have seen all your struggles in these years. Graduating is really a big deal, brother! I’m extremely happy about your success! I love you, congratulations!

I’m filled with pride as I see you go down the aisle in your graduation gown. Congratulations brother.

You’re the best brother that anyone could ask for and I’m so proud to see you graduate. I wish the best for you on this new journey and congratulations.


This is just the new beginning of your shining path, best of luck for the future! Proud of you, brother! Congratulations on graduating.

I always knew that you will be able to achieve this success. Congratulation and best of luck on your graduation.

I am the proudest sister in the world today. Congratulations on your graduation, buddy.

You totally nailed it, congratulations on graduating! This is just the foundation of many more turning points in your life. I love you, brother!

More success is coming on your way; continue chasing your dream harder than ever! Congratulations on your victory! You did it!

Congratulations to my brother on his success; your efforts have paid off. I am really proud of you.

Seeing family do such big things is an inspiration and motivation to everyone else in the family. Congratulations, brother, for graduating and moving on to a new step in your life. I wish you all the best!

All the warm wishes for your future; hope you will continue to earn wings like this; I feel proud to call you my brother. Congratulations!

Graduating is a huge step that I’m so proud to see you take. I couldn’t be happier for you and more excited to see all of your hard work pay off!

Graduation Quotes to Brother

You have always been a very brilliant boy. While your mates are playing around, it’s always you and your books. You know even something about what you’ve never been taught. I’m glad that you give yourself away from learning. It’s beautiful to see the end result. Happy graduation to you.

I have never seen anyone who studies as hard as you do. I’m glad that all the midnight candles you burned didn’t go to waste. I’m glad to see that you eventually got what you deserve. Happy graduation to you, my darling. Now, start thinking of the next thing to venture into.

You have always been serious with your life. You can never be found doing what will add no value to your life. The friends you keep are a direct reflection of who you are. I’m thankful that you keep getting it right. Cheers to more insight. Happy graduation to you.

Today, I want you to know that you’ve done so much more than anyone in this family has ever done. And this is the reason we are all proud of you. No one has ever been honoured with a First Class. Good to see you being rewarded with what you deserve. Happy graduation.

Honestly, I don’t have the right words to express how I feel right now, but I know that you’re aware that I am very happy for you. You’ve been through it all, so it’s so good that you’re being crowned the best graduating student today. Your hard work paid off. Congratulations to you, my brother.

It wasn’t easy for you, and we all knew that. I’m glad that I was always there to cheer you on when it got so tough. Just look at you! You’re the best graduating student of your set. I can’t be prouder. I hope that you bring even more wonderful moments into our lives. Happy graduation to you.

It’s been such a long time coming, and I’m happy to know that it finally ends today! You have proven beyond reasonable doubt that you deserve everything coming your way. I have a great smile today because it’s officially your graduation. Happy graduation, my brilliant brother.

You have never stopped being the best in every way. You always have your way of putting your best in everything, no matter how difficult it seems. We have all been waiting for this beautiful moment, and I’m glad it’s finally here. At last, I can’t address you as a graduate. Happy graduation.

I have never stopped supporting you why because you have never disappointed me. In everything you do, you always think about making me happy and proud. Today, I’m so grateful to God for how far He has brought you. You will only continue to win from henceforth. Happy graduation, my brother.

I can’t tell exactly the level of excitement I feel right now. I’m very happy, but the tears won’t stop flowing down my cheeks. You’re so priceless and special to me, my brother. You did it, again! You made me proud, again. Happy graduation to you. I love you so much. Cheers!

Never have you been far from achieving success. This is the reason you have made it this far. The moment you decide to go after something, you already know what’s in it for you. I’m glad to know that you have such a level of discernment. Happy graduation.

From now on, congratulations will be the only valid conversation. You started well, and here you are. You have no idea how you make me feel about the whole thing. So happy that I was able to support you throughout your education. Congratulations on your graduation.


You have always found it an easy thing to make me proud. I have never regretted being your sister because you make it all worth it. I don’t know exactly what to say to make you feel good today. But I know that you’re in for something more than this. Happy graduation to you, my brother.

Today, I am sending you beautiful congratulations because you made it this far. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you, but you were strongly determined to see yourself through. Now, you are here! Congratulations on this major win. I hope that many more follow.

Your win is my win. We have both won today. This might not mean anything to other people, but it’s a major thing to me. I’m glad to see how far you’ve come in life. You did all that on your own, so never let anyone take the glory. Of course, you have to thank God. Happy graduation, my dear brother.

You’re not the only one who is happy today; the whole family is. Today is a great and special day for us all, and we’re making sure that you have the best time. Thank you for always bringing smiles to our faces. We all hope that it’s the beginning of good things to come. Happy graduation.

It wasn’t easy for me to foot all your bills in the process. But God was faithful. God helped me pull through by paving way for me. I’m glad I did all that for you. I’m even happier that you made it all worth it. I wish you happy graduation. On to the next phase!

Congratulations will never be enough because you’ve done much more than that. I’m just glad that you eventually made it. After all, that’s been said and done. I want you to know that it will only get easy from here. You have my support forever. Happy graduation.

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Graduation Messages for Brother

Congratulations on your graduation; you cracked it! This is just the beginning of several more pivotal moments in your life. Brother, I adore you!

Graduating is a huge step in life and you have finally done it! So proud to call you my brother! Congratulations, you don’t have to worry about your grades anymore!

You worked really hard to achieve your goal and you finally achieved it. I’m proud to be recognized as your brother. Congratulations on your graduation, bro.

You are the pride of our family. I am so happy for you that you have achieved graduation.

The tassel worth the hassle, Naah? Congratulations on your accomplishment! So proud of you, brother! Sending you lots of love and luck for the future.

The sky got no limit but that doesn’t mean you won’t throw your graduation cap high up in the sky! Congratulation, graduate! You made it to the end! Woohoo!

Hello brother, sending my heartfelt congratulations for on your graduation and best wishes for you in the future! You made all of us so proud.

Hey brother, take my love and good wishes for your success. I am already picturing your graduation look. I know you will look very smart and handsome wearing that black coat. This is a beautiful part of your life and a new chapter. I wish you tremendous success.

Life just got a little bit easier yet a bit tougher! Hope it serves you well just like this milestone!

It feels good to hear about your brilliant accomplishment. May Almighty bless you to achieve more in the future! Congrats, graduate!

I always knew that you will get massive success in your life and this graduation is just the beginning. I am congratulating my dear brother on his graduation, take lots of love.

Know that your achievement has made the entire family proud and inspired the little ones in the family! Congratulations graduate! There’s a lot that awaits you.

Graduation is a special time of life when one chapter closes and another chapter begins in life. You have to take lessons from your past and have to walk forward with success and glory, good luck to you.

I am so happy for you on your graduation, you are a very handsome and brilliant young man, I pray for your good future ahead.


Graduation is a huge part of our lives and luckily you have passed that test successfully. I am so glad and proud of you. I am feeling good and telling everyone about yourself.

Hello brother, sending my heartfelt congratulations for on your graduation and best wishes for you in the future! You made all of us so proud.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when moments are turned into milestones. I am so happy for you and wishing you the best of luck in your upcoming future. Congratulation on your success.

Congratulations, dear brother on your graduation success. I know it is a huge day for you and I am sending tons of beautiful wishes and love for you on this day.

I can already see you in your graduation gown, cap, and tassel! Congratulations on your graduation, buddy! You are deserving of everything because you have worked so hard!

I’m already picturing you in your hat, tassel, and graduation robe! Congratulation brother, on graduating! You deserve everything you worked hard for!

Life is very beautiful with you, dear brother. I know you from childhood and you always were a great human being. I know you deserve this success and you will have tremendous success in your future too.


Sending lots of good wishes and love for my dear brother on his graduation day.

Graduation Wishes to Younger Brother

My whole life, I have always cared about you, and you’ve never made me regret it. Having you as my brother has always been a major blessing, and I thank God for it. Today, you’ve made me proud, yet again! I’m so happy for you, my brother. Happy graduation to you.

I remember the first day you started to school; how have you already graduated? I am proud of you.

Despite all my unending needs, you’ve never stopped being a good big brother to me. You were a student, but you also worked to make sure that I never lacked anything. I’m only here today because of the love you keep showing me. I say a very big congratulations. I love you, brother.

Thank you for never giving up and working so hard to make your goal a reality. Congratulations on your graduation. You did it.

I will never fail to mention how much you’ve always loved and cared for me. On your graduation, I want you to feel just the same. Just mention anything you want, and it is done. Don’t worry about how I’m planning to make it happen. I got you covered. Happy graduation.

It’s been such a great time with you. You always remind me of how sweet I am and what the future hold for me. Today, I congratulate you for being the best amongst several others. You’ve made your way to the top already. I wish you always stay at the top. Congratulations on your graduation.

Finally, it’s your graduation day. I have been waiting patiently for this very day for a very long time now. Eventually, we have it right before us. How do you feel today? As for me, I feel like the happiest and proudest sister in the world. This moment, I am gonna cherish forever. Happy graduation.

Today is one of those occasions when I get to show so much emotion. Honestly, I can’t stop myself from shedding tears of joy. It hasn’t been all rosy, but you pulled through. I’m super proud of you. Now, what’s next? Whatever it is, you have my full support. Congratulations, once again.

This is not the first time you will be making me proud. In fact, I have lost count of how many times. Today, I can’t stop remembering all the sacrifices you made to get yourself here. You literally robbed yourself of good times. Thank God it paid off. Happy graduation, darling brother.

Because you worked so hard to get here, here’s saying a big congratulations on your graduation. You have always been a focused and determined person, so you deserve to have the best of this day and so many more to come. Congratulations on your graduation, my brother. All my love.

I know exactly how you feel today. But trust me, I feel even better. I mean, I already graduated, but it still feels like it’s my graduation. This has only got to show how grateful and proud I am. I know you’re onto greater things. Happy graduation to you.

In all ramifications of life, you’re the best. Everyone would love to have you as their sibling. There’s no greater joy or love than the one that exists between us. You make me feel even prouder today by making the list of the top people in your class. Congratulations, my brother.

I have never stopped telling you how amazing and brilliant you are. You graduate with a First Class. It doesn’t even come as a surprise to me. I mean, you’ve always worked very hard. You’ve always been so brilliant and sweet. This is just the beginning. Get ready for some more. Happy graduation.

You should know that I will never stop making you feel like you’re a genius. Even though you don’t feel like you’ve done enough, I am super proud of you. So many of your mates are behind you. You’ve done very well, and you deserve all the accolades. Happy graduation.


My heartfelt congratulations go out to my handsome brother on his graduation. Good luck for the many opportunities that will come your way now that you are a graduate!

You are the best brother ever. Even though this message doesn’t sum up who you are, I hope it at least shows you how much you mean to me. I’m sure it’s the beginning of a wonderful adventure. I can’t wait to have more interesting moments with you. Happy graduation, brother.

The smiles keep coming back on my face today. As you were called out as the best graduating student, I couldn’t stop the smiles. Oh, you made me so proud today. You always have, but I felt extra special today. Happy graduation, my brother. The best awaits you.

Congratulations, kiddo! The entire family is extremely proud of what you have accomplished today.

Having you in my corner has always been one of my greatest blessings. You don’t know what you mean to me, and I’d rather it remains this way. But today, I really want to let you know how much you mean to me. You mean the world! Congratulations on your graduation. Keep moving forward.

You’re the only one I know who is not ashamed of reading his book, wherever he finds himself. You don’t care what the environment looks like, as long as you’re with your book. Today, I finally understand why you’ve been like that all along. Congratulations once more.

Whenever I remember what you had to do to get yourself here, I can’t stop the tears from flowing. You have really been through it all. Through all the frustrations and anger, you made it. This is our win, and I am extremely happy. Congratulations on your graduation. Cheers to many more.

Today, I feel very proud all over again. How can you be so intentional about making me happy and proud? Of all days, today is the happiest to call you my brother even though you’ve always been the best. Happy graduation to you, my darling. Keep being a good boy.

I have always wanted to see you in your graduation gown, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that it’s now happening. I have so much pride for you. Congratulations.

Never have you ever complained about how I disturb you. Even when I know that I am disturbing you, you’ve never uttered it. You always make yourself available for me, despite schooling and all that surrounds it. You’re a rare gem, and I wish you happy graduation.

I will never stop clapping for you, even when you feel like the win is not enough. You’re better than so many of your mates, in case you didn’t know. You pulled this through, all by yourself, only with the help of God. I’m super proud of you, and I’m also excited for what’s to come. Happy graduation to you.


Congrats! You have grown up as a wonderful young man who has completed his graduation. I’m so proud of you brother.

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Graduation Quotes to Elder Brother

I’m very sure you had the best time in school because our parents never made you go through any form of lack. I must say, you really surprised us with those grades. They are higher than we always anticipated. I wish you all the best. Do have happy graduation.

My big brother was always great but today you have shown to be the best by graduating. Congratulations.

I can’t believe you’re a graduate already. Time has really flown by. In all, I’m very grateful that it all ended well. You’ve been a very focused man, and I’m glad to see that things turned out the way you’ve always wanted them to. I am proud of you. Do have happy graduation. Love.

Big brother, congratulations on your graduation! I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you as a role model. You motivate me to succeed in life.

Your perseverance, determination, and passion have brought you this far, and I know you will achieve much more in life.


You did it despite all of the uncertainties, hesitations, and anxieties! I am proud. Congratulations.

You have made the whole family so proud of you. We never thought there’d be a time when we would be celebrated this much. All thanks to you for working so hard to get yourself here. I hope you get a clear picture of what’s next. Happy graduation to you.

I can’t wait to see what wonders life has in store for you. Congratulations, brother.

I have always known you to be the best brother in the world. Nothing else makes meaning to you than making sure you read for exams and pass. I’m so happy to see that you’re getting all the love and encouragement you deserve. It’s a beautiful day. Make sure you make the most of it. Happy graduation, my elder brother.

I want you to know that this is the least you’d ever be. You’ve been working very hard, and it’s good to see where it has landed you. I honestly am hoping that it’s the beginning of greater things to come. Whether or not things are rosy, I will always be with you. Happy graduation.


Seeing you do big things is an inspiration to me. I am so proud of you for your graduation. Wishing you all the very best.

Funny Graduation Wishes for Brother

To the one who has always made me doubt what’s wrong with him actually proved himself a great nerd! Pfft! Congratulations on your graduation.

Big brother, congratulations on your graduation! Now all you need to do is get a job and give me pocket money on a monthly basis. it’s important.

Congratulations! You are finally eligible for taking up new responsibilities! Best of luck, let’s see how you play this game of adulthood! Congrats, graduate!

I never believed you had a brain. I suppose you’ve finally proven me wrong. brother, congratulations on your graduation!


Congrats, now your brain actually holds some value! Never stop for less, continue to push yourself! Happy graduation, brother.

My dear brother, you deserve it! Congratulations on your graduation! Your various attempts of plagiarizing Wikipedia have finally paid off!

I always thought you are useless but you turned out to be a great nerd! What’s next? DON’T TELL ME YOU ARE SUPERMAN OR SOMETHING!

Caps off to you, dear brother! You did it! Congratulations on your graduation and well- welcome to the confusing zone!

Mom and Dad are so happy as you are finally moving out, and thanks for finally giving me a chance to brag about you! Jokes apart, congratulations on your graduation!


Thank God you did not fail your exams! Congratulations on your graduation.

Final Word

If your brother has just completed his bachelor’s degree then this is going to be a huge achievement for him. In such times everyone gets emotional with happiness. You can also join in this special moment by sending him best wishes. Through Graduation Wishes for your Brother, you can make your brother feel loved and special towards him. You can also share these wishes on your social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, etc.

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