Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes, Messages, Images

Is it your 1st Wedding anniversary or your dear ones? Looking for some perfect wedding anniversary quotes for a perfect couple? Well, check our heart-touching collection of short, sweet, funny to romantic 1st-anniversary messages for husbands, wives, or friends. We are sure you’ll find something great for you. 1st anniversaries are always special; this extra effort is all worth it. So, express your love for your spouse this anniversary. Make them feel special, loved, and cared for with a romantic gift and short message from our collection. Create those magical moments with small and sweet gestures that are cherished lifelong.

The first anniversary does matter a lot. It expresses how much you care for your partner. It’s not always about giving expensive gifts or dates. But yes do something extra special to make her/him feel special. Surprise them with at least a flower and a sweet message that how lucky you are to be with them. Every couple is unique and shares a unique bond. So, make it funny, sweet, or romantic but do not forget to express your love on this special day. These efforts make your love even stronger. And, trust us if your partner truly loves you, they will appreciate you for making it memorable.

So, celebrate the year of togetherness with your better half. Make the most of it. Cherish your wedding day and those sweet memories of the wedding shoot. Make it romantic, memorable and thank your partner for being supportive, understanding in all those hard times. Every marriage is unique so celebrate in your own way. But do celebrate your big day and create some memories that you’ll laugh at remembering them. Nothing is perfect. So never be judgemental about your partner accept them and love them with honesty. Enjoy the differences. We wish many happy years of togetherness to all the perfectly imperfect couples.

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First Wedding Anniversary Wishes Quotes

Find Here Perfect Quotes for Wishing 1st Wedding Anniversary to Husband, Wife, or Your Loved One.

happy 1st year anniversary wishes quotes

Well, I hope you had a year full of different kind of experiences and many more to come. Wishing you a very happy 1st wedding anniversary!



Wishing you a happy 1st anniversary, may all your dreams come true and I wish that you celebrate every day with each other happily!



First anniversary is also the first many but this is special because this happened together, I hope many more years of happiness for you, happy 1st anniversary!



Finally you were able to spend one year together which means you can survive each other forever. Happy 1st Anniversary to the lovely couple!



Happy 1st anniversary to the lovebirds. From now, can we expect that now you guys will be available for us as well?



Honeymooning is almost over as one year has passed but this one year has given zillion memories to cherish them forever. Happy 1st Anniversary!



Happy first anniversary to you my love. We have spent an incredible year, and there are many to come.



So many sweet memories of your wedding are still in my mind, and it’s one year now, which is divine. With lots of love, I wish both of you, happy anniversary!



A year has gone celebrating love, happiness, togetherness and promising each other to stay together for long. Happiest 1st anniversary!



To one amazing year of food, dressing like bride and groom we are celebrating one year to us. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary, Love you forever wifey!



Wishing you tons of happiness and ample days to party and keep celebrating your anniversaries but your first one is the special one. Happiest 1st anniversary!



Together we have finished one year of our marriage and the whole year has been magical with you. Now, the second year starts and I would want to say, I love you.



One year of togetherness to the most beautiful couple, wish you lots of happiness and love. Loads of hugs, happy 1st Anniversary!



A happy marriage happens with the contribution of both partners. It’s great that you guys have finished your first year of marriage with love. We want to see you going for many more. Happy Anniversary, and keep smiling.



From sharing towels and endless burps and farts, we are growing together. I love you hubby, Happy 1st Anniversary!

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Wishes

Heart Touching 1st Year Wedding Anniversary Wishes in English

May the love in your relationship be eternal just like the sound of the sea, stars in the sky. Happy Anniversary sweetheart.

On our first anniversary let the reminiscence of love only stay, others vanish away. Happy, happy, and happiest first marriage anniversary my love.

Today you celebrate a year full of love and happiness. But many more are yet to come. A very happy 1st anniversary.

The day I married you was the best day of my life. A very happy 1st anniversary, sweetheart!

Dear Love, we have celebrated every moment of togetherness and now when a year has passed, it’s the time for Big Celebration. Happy First Anniversary

I wish that this first Anniversary of ours is full of blessings from God. Come; let’s get God’s Grace Together.

May your marriage is blessed with joy and happiness. May God shower all the blessings on both of you. Happiest First Anniversary to the couple.

An amazing partner like you is hard to find. Wish to be with you for a long time. Happy first anniversary to both of us.

I am Lucky, I am Blessed, I am Joyful…The Reason Is That You Are In My Life. Happiest First Wedding Anniversary.

I am so happy for both of us. Let’s celebrate our first anniversary with joy and happiness.

Love and wishes on the first anniversary. Come and let’s enjoy the time together. On the first anniversary, I will only say that I love you. Thank You for being in my life.

We are two individuals, but one soul. We enjoy each other’s company. Happy First Anniversary Dear.

Happiness, fun, laughter, sharing, cuddles, love, perfect, soul mates, passion, affection. Come, let’s celebrate our first anniversary together.

1st Love Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Wish your boyfriend a very 1st year love anniversary with meaningful quotes.

It’s been a great year together, I wish for many years of strong bonding with you. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Our love has reached the paramount in the past year. On the accomplishment of the year, let’s have a blast. Happy Anniversary Dear

We have cherished every single moment, we have kept the promises, we have maintained the relationship with honesty. Let’s enjoy our first anniversary.

You are my true love, I was waiting to give you something special on our first anniversary. Love you a lot Honey!

I am blessed to have you have in my life, being with you means happiness all around. Happy First Anniversary Love!

Happy anniversary dear boyfriend. The years are just a number that makes us even stronger than ever. I love you so much, many happy returns of the day!

Happy anniversary to the man who has my heart, the man who makes my world go round. I pray that we have many more anniversaries. Happy anniversary.

A year has passed since we got together, and I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I see you. Let’s have the happiest of anniversaries, I love you!

This one year with you has been filled with things brand new. Good times, romance; it all started with the first glance.

You are the true meaning of happiness, joy, and restfulness for my soul. Thank you for treating me like a queen. Happy anniversary, my king. Love you so much.

Thank you, my love, for loving me genuinely and going to the lengths you have gone for me. On this anniversary, I want you to know that I will always be by your side, regardless of anything happening around us.

There’s a first for everything, and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate our first anniversary of being together.

Happy anniversary to the one person I hope to live with for the rest of my life. I love you forever.

This is the day we joined our hearts in love. We promised to never leave each other and here we are! Happy anniversary, my love.

Till now whenever I look at your eyes, my heart skips a beat. Till now your presence gives me goosebumps. I love you, man. Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary, baby boo. I wish I could gather all the naysayers here today to show them how strong we have become. Today is a special day, just for you and me, and your greatest wish is my command.

I am a blessed girlfriend indeed! May our love grow sturdy each day. Happy Anniversary.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Wish your lover sister a very happy wedding anniversary with heart-touching lines.


Dear Sister, may you live long happy married life ahead. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy first wedding anniversary to you



You are the loveliest couple in this world. Enjoy this special day in a special way. Enjoy this beautiful day together!

I wish for perfection, love, togetherness, and success on your first wedding anniversary. Enjoy your day to the fullest.


Best wishes on your 1st wedding anniversary. You live happily with your love for several long years. Have a great celebration.



The year of your togetherness now ended. Live happily and enjoy this special day in a special way. Happy First Anniversary.

1st Love Anniversary Wishes for Girlfriend

You steal my heart with your beauty and grace. You are the most dignified girl I ever come across in my life. Happy First Anniversary Love.

Our love grows immensely, I want this world to know that how much I love you. Happiest first anniversary my love.

It’s impossible to live without you. We cannot be apart from one another anymore. Happy first anniversary.

This first anniversary is special for both of us. I was waiting for this day to turn up so that I can shout louder in your arms.

To have a girlfriend like you is a blessing. You understand me completely, and this is what I want. Happy First Anniversary.

Since you are beside me I have always been very happy. I am grateful to share this love with a person like you. I love you. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to the woman of my dreams and the girl who paints a smile on my face every day. The past few years have been a real eye-opener. You are my true soulmate.

Life might have its own challenges; I thank you for being the remedy to my problems. Happy Anniversary, my love!

People say that time waits for no one. But we are an exception because I feel that time has paused ever since the day I kissed you for the first time. Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary, sweet. I am so glad that I get to have you in my life. You are a blessing to me, and that I can’t deny.

Happy anniversary, my queen. I hope that today brings to us much happiness and fun to make our celebration worth the while!

Every single day of my life, I am so thankful to have you. I love you.

Sweetheart, it is amazing how days pass so quickly. I want to spend my life with you; I want you to be more than a girlfriend to me. Happy Anniversary!

I don’t care about the earth spinning around or the sun setting in the west – as long as you are my girlfriend, my life will always be the best. Happy anniversary.

First Anniversary Wishes for Di and Jiju


Hearty congratulations on you on first anniversary di and jiju. May you remain glad and happy in each other’s company in your whole life.



Dear Sister and Brother In law, you both form a perfect pair. On this anniversary, Happy First Anniversary Di and Jiju.



Together you seem made for each other. Best wishes on this first anniversary from the bottom of my heart.



Happiest first anniversary to the best couple. May you cherish and enjoy many moments with each other for the rest of your life.



May your life get glitters with happiness and joyful moments! Spend lots of time together and fulfill heart’s desire of one another.

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Brother

Wish Your Brother Happy Wedding Anniversary with cute messages.

Congratulations brother on your first anniversary. May you possess all happiness and togetherness with your wife for the life.

Dearest Brother, may God give you an ample amount of joy and happiness. The day is so special; celebrate it in your own way. Happiest first wedding anniversary.

Dear Brother, You Stand By My Side IN My Hard Times. You Truly Deserve all the Happiness In Life. Wishes For 1st Wedding Anniversary.

My Sweet and Lovely Brother, Heartiest Congratulations on your First Wedding Anniversary. Have a Blast!

My Heartiest Wishes Goes To you My Loving Brother. May You Get all Success, Happiness, and Prosperity On your Wedding Anniversary.

Wish you a very happy wedding anniversary and many more, dear brother. You two are my most favorite persons in the world.

Best wishes to the beautiful couple! May the freshness of your love remain in your hearts forever… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

You two always look perfect together! Here’s wishing you a happy anniversary with many to come, my brother and sister-in-law.

It’s your special day. It’s the day you got the person you love for the rest of your life. The day really deserves a grand celebration. Happy anniversary dear brother!

As you celebrate another wonderful year together! Here wishing you a day as beautiful as the love that your share, happy anniversary brother.

Happiest marriage anniversary to the most perfect couple in the world. To many of us, you are an inspiration, brother.

I’m wishing you have a happy day And happy heart on your anniversary, Happy Anniversary

You brought an amazing woman into our family on your wedding day, and I could not be happier for both of you. Happy anniversary, brother.

The happiest couples make the most wonderful photos. Anyone can see the spark of joy in your eyes. Happy Wedding Anniversary, bro!

First Anniversary Messages For Parent


Mom and Dad, we want to let you know that your togetherness means a lot to us. Nothing is more important than your anniversary.



For me, you two are the two biggest parts of my world. I can’t imagine one without the other! Happy anniversary to my lovely parents!



Mom and Dad, on your first anniversary, I want to thank you both for all the sacrifices you made for me. Be together always with love.



May the rest of your lives be filled with boundless happiness like the first year of your wedding! Happy anniversary!



Seeing our parents together; happy and content, is the most wonderful view in the world. Thanks for letting us experience that. Happy 1st anniversary, Mom and Dad!

1st Year Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Wish your Lovely Husband a very happy 1st anniversary with lovely quotes images.


This day is special, I’m glad to have as my life partner, be with me in bad and good times. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary.



Every time I have spent with you is like a celebration and today is the special occasion which cannot be missed. Happy first anniversary to my life partner.



May God’s Wishes Shower, on You, may god fulfill all your dreams. Love you, happy first anniversary dear husband.



You are the couple whose love is beyond compare. Happy anniversary, my Hubby.



I spent a year of love, happiness and joy with you. It’s been a great time spending with you. Happiest First Anniversary Hubby



I am the luckiest person on this planet to have you in my life. You are special to me. Happy first-anniversary dear husband.

I’m one lucky wife in this world who is blessed with such a loving and responsible husband. I thank god every day for having you in my life. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

Happy anniversary dear husband! Life wouldn’t be so wonderful If you weren’t there to hold me up every time I fall. I feel very happy to be with you every moment.

Dear husband, this year you have filled my heart with a joyous romantic love song. Your steadfast supportive devotion has made our marriage grow strong.

No one else would understand our relationship, and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do. Happy anniversary!

I thought all guys were the same, but you proved me wrong! Here’s to the most incredible guy I know.

Happy Anniversary, love. You are the reason for my happiness! Thank you for being mine.

Happy Anniversary dear husband! I’m proud to be yours.

1 Year Marriage Anniversary Quotes for Wife

Years earlier, on this day, we made a ‘we’ of me and you, and I can never be glad enough. Happy anniversary, love.

Our first year of marriage has proved that no matter how fiercely we fight with each other like cats, we always end up loving each other like swans. Happy 1st anniversary.

You know it’s true love when someone likes your weakest, falls for you at your poorest, and kisses you at your ugliest. You are my true love, thank you. Happy anniversary.

The first year of our married lives was magical, and I will make sure that every year of the rest of our lives is splendid.

I am so lucky that you are mine. Thank you for loving and taking care of me as you do. Happy Anniversary honey, love you.

Happy first anniversary to my first and last love who has stolen my heart, but given me beautiful her soul in return.

I love you and every passing year, I will make you feel that it’s always. Happy anniversary, baby.

Nothing comes close to how I feel when I hold you close. It is a silence that tickles me in the deepest corner of my soul. Happy anniversary.

May the rest of our lives always be like this first anniversary – youthful, exciting, and hopelessly romantic. Happy first anniversary.

Today is the lucky day two souls and hearts turned to one. I’m blessed to have you beside me. Thank You for giving me more love each day than I even deserve.

Final words

Anniversaries deserve to be celebrated whether it’s first, second or you have achieved milestones. We know you must have decided on a surprise gift. A sweet little message will be like the cherry on the top. Finding it hard writing the perfect words for your special one? Take a look at our collection of 1st wedding anniversary messages. Pick and share your favorite messages with your loved one or your friends or relatives on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or wherever. Send them warm hugs and tons of love.