Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes Quotes with Images

Engagement Anniversary Wishes: Are you searching for what to write on Engagement anniversary special card, then this blog is of great use to you?  In this blog, you will find many wishes and quotes related to the engagement anniversary. That’s why you must read the blog completely. Before getting tied in the relationship of marriage, the first step at the beginning of a new life is engagement. This bond is unbreakable which is made by love and trust. After the engagement, a lot of new experiences are realized in the life of a person. Engagement rituals bring the couple closer. Their love for each other grows even more. Nowadays every couple likes to celebrate their engagement anniversary.

On completion of every year of engagement, every couple celebrates it with great joy and enthusiasm with their friends, loved ones, and relatives. Another reason for the couple to celebrate this day is that they want to take some time out from their busy lives to give to each other. That is why the couple prepares very well to celebrate their engagement anniversary. Every couple has their unique way of celebrating an engagement anniversary. Some couples bring cakes.  Invite their relatives. Couples cut the cake and all the relatives together give gifts with lots of wishes. Everyone captures the photo to keep that good moment always memorable.  But some couples celebrate it privately by making some favorite food at their home and giving gifts to each other. Then no matter how you celebrate this day, it only matters that this day should be a memorable moment for you.

On the engagement anniversary, relatives heartily wish the couple that the pair of husband and wife should be always safe, they should be happy throughout their life and their love keeps increasing. The day of the engagement anniversary is a very happy moment for both the partners, so they should enjoy this moment very much. Here below, we have brought many Engagement Anniversary Wishes Quotes for you, which you can give to each other as a couple or you can also write it on the card on the engagement anniversary of any of your relatives.

Happy Engagement Anniversary Wishes with Images

Happy engagement anniversary. May God bless you both and protects the love between you two forever. Have a beautiful day!


Sending best wishes for your engagement anniversary! Congratulations to both of you.

The first year was like a rollercoaster, but it was an amazing experience.

I can’t believe you are still tolerating each other. Jokes apart, Happy engagement anniversary. May the love between you both only grow with time.

May you become each other’s strength. Happy engagement anniversary, God bless your marriage.

The exchange of rings, the dance party after that and the words you said to me in my ears that day are some of the many moments that I will never forget. Happy Engagement Anniversary wishes, my Love.

Happy Engagement Anniversary! Wishing you both have a blessed future ahead.

Happy Engagement Anniversary to the love of my life! It’s another reason to thank God for blessing me with a generous partner like you.

Congratulations! Now you finally get the right to legally annoy me for the rest of your life. Pure joy!


Happy Engagement Anniversary to both of you! Wishing nothing but God’s constant blessing and mercy upon you. May your special bond lead you to sheer happiness!



Thank you for putting a ring on me. I promise to, hereon, shower you with endless love, affection and adoration all day every day without fail.

Here’s to the lifetime commitment, eternal trust, and zero arguments you two had promised each other! Happy Engagement Anniversary! Stop fighting now!

Celebrate another year of togetherness with your partner.

I could not think of a better gift than a ring with our initials and the date on it for our first engagement anniversary. Happy Anniversary.

Happy Engagement Anniversary to us! May this beautiful anniversary of ours bring all the good fortune we deserve.

Getting engaged to the love of your life is a remarkable gift from God Himself! Happy Engagement Anniversary! Wishing you two a memorable journey ahead!

Happy Engagement Anniversary to you! The moment you had wrapped rings around each other’s fingers, you were stuck together for the rest of your lives!

Even though I had warned you to stay away from marriages, you went ahead anyway and got engaged to your spouse! So Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Happy engagement anniversary to my favorite couple. Have a blessed day and a nice celebration of your happy milestone!

Congratulations better half! I made sure the ring is really tight so it can never be taken off. Welcome to forever!

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To the most amazing couple, Happy engagement anniversary. I pray to God for your successful relationship. May God guide you both and give you peace and happiness.

Engagement Anniversary Quotes with Images


Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. – Barnett R. Brickner

I choose you, and I’ll choose you. Over and over and over without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I’ll keep choosing you. – Unknown

In the arithmetic of love, one plus one equals everything, and two minus one equals nothing. – Mignon McLaughlin

May your love for each other always shine brightly! Best wishes on your engagement anniversary! – Unknown

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine. – Maya Angelou

The Oriole weds his mottled mate, the Lily weds the bee; Heaven’s marriage ring is round the earth, let me bind thee! – Victorian Card

And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you. – Kiersten White

You don’t marry someone you can live with-you marry the person you cannot live without. – Unknown


Love one another, and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that. – Micheal Leunig



Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story. – Rajeev Ranjan

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Couple


On this auspicious day when you both are celebrating your first engagement anniversary, I pray to God to bless you both with everlasting togetherness. Happy Engagement Anniversary.

For a lovely couple who shares a love as colorful as a rainbow and as deep as the ocean. Happy engagement! I am thrilled for you both!

Send you and the hubby happy wishes on your engagement anniversary.

A very happy engagement anniversary to the beautiful couple. It’s very good to see you both happy together. God bless both of you.

I hope that your love grows deeper each year and your happiness together grows too. Happy engagement anniversary!

Sending you loads of good wishes on your engagement anniversary. A year ago you both celebrated your engagement ceremony and now it’s the anniversary of your togetherness. Congratulations.

For a couple like you, may you both continue to love each other for years. I wish you both a very happy engagement anniversary. May God shower loads of blessings on you both.

You two are the greatest – and together you’re even better! Happy engagement anniversary, you guys.

Sending you and the wife happy wishes on your anniversary. Happy engagement anniversary.

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Through this card, we wish you both a very happy engagement anniversary. You both make a wonderful pair. May God bless you with many more years of togetherness.



I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Cheers to you on your engagement anniversary.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Husband

As we complete our first year of engagement, I wish you more love and affection for all those years to come. You are my strength and inspiration. I am lucky to have you as my husband. Wishing you a very happy engagement anniversary.

The best thing that happened on this day a year before was our engagement. I hope that we celebrate our first anniversary with lots of fun and joyous moments. I love you, my dear husband. A very happy engagement anniversary.

Love is the most precious thing you gave me in my whole life. I love you not just for who you are but for how you make me feel. A very happy engagement anniversary to my dear husband.

On this anniversary day, I looked back to all the memories and time we spent together and I wonder there is no photo frame big enough to save our beautiful memories together. Happy Engagement Anniversary!!!

Life is tough, it has its nasty ways of teaching the hardships of life. But fortunately, I have you who always make me feel like I am still living in a beautiful dream. I love you. Happy Engagement Anniversary.


Being with you is a dream come true, I am looking forward to spending my rest of lives with you.


We are not just exchanging rings with each other, we are also exchanging hopes, assurances, and each other’s hearts.

This day is very special for me because this is the day when I really got what I wanted for my life. A dream came true. Happy Engagement Anniversary!

In the millions of questions about the meaning of life. I chose to answer only one, and that is YOU. My love. Wishing you a very happy engagement anniversary.

The best thing that ever happened to me is you. You complete me. Happy Engagement Anniversary my dear husband!

Sweetheart, Happy Engagement Anniversary! On this day, we had promised ourselves a bond of trust, respect, and unconditional love. Thank you for keeping that promise.

No words can express the love I have for you. My life would never have been complete without you. I wish you a very happy engagement anniversary, my dear husband.

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This anniversary is not only to celebrate the day we married but this is to celebrate every day I spend with my most precious husband. A very happy engagement anniversary.

Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Darling, You make me the happiest man in this world. Happy engagement anniversary. May God bless us both and our love.

Hope my wish will add some blessing to the amazing couple. Happy Engagement anniversary.

When I saw you both together, I never thought I would have to wish this to you both for being the bests couple. Happy Engagement anniversary.

You are my happiness, my dear love, I just cannot wait to tie the knot with you. Best wishes for our engagement.

My love, Happy engagement anniversary. Today, years ago, it was one of the best days of my life. From then to now, every day is beautiful for me. I love you, dear.

How lucky I am, I got engaged to you. Happy wishes for our engagement and our wonderful courtship.

Everything will be fine, as long as you are with me. Happy engagement anniversary wishes to my future wife.


It has been a wonderful year full of love and care for each other.



On this engagement, I just want to wish a lovely future for us. Congratulations on being a fiance….. My future wife.

You were the only person who touched my soul and now you will be my soulmate in a few weeks. Happy engagement my love.

Having you by my side makes me the happiest, most grateful, and luckiest person in the world—happy first anniversary to my soul mate.

Both of you belong to each other. May the almighty keep you happy and healthy. Happy Engagement anniversary.

If expressing love and being romantic takes for the anniversary celebrations, then I have been celebrating with you my whole life. Happy Engagement Anniversary!

When I see you together, my day becomes a whole lot brighter. The sun comes out from behind the clouds, and I know that true love really exists. Happy anniversary!

No one else would understand our relationship, and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do. Happy Engagement Anniversary!


Exactly 365 days back you were on your knees to make your life much better with me. Happy engagement anniversary.

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Best wishes on this wonderful journey as you build your new life together. I know that you’ll be an awesome wife because you are an awesome sister!

Congratulations on the engagement to the best sister I know! May your love for each other grow brighter than the sun and deeper than the ocean.

Happy engagement my lovely sister! I wish you a great life, great love, and great success in your life together as a couple.

Wishing you good luck with your new adventure in life. Happy engagement all the way my dearest sister.

Engagement is the starting of a new life it’s the starting of a new journey. Wish you luck in your future. Happy Wedding.

May you both have a beautiful and successful life ahead of you. Congratulations on finding your true love, my sister!


Stay in love, stay happy and stay cute together even when you’re married. Congratulations on your engagement!



I wish you both a wonderful journey as you build your new life together. Happy engagement my dear sister!

All the best I wish for you, a lifetime of happiness full of love too. Happy engagement wishes for my sister!
May God bless you with uninterrupted happiness and joyful married life. I wish nothing but the best for you on your engagement dear sister.

Congratulations on your engagement my sister! You are truly a perfect pair, happy couples like you are so rare.

I wish you a life filled with love, happiness, and prosperity today and in the years to come. I am so happy for you my sister.

May God shower you with His grace and blessings on your new journey together. Happy engagement!
This is the Day of a turning point in your life and I wish all the blessings with love to make your life a wonderful poem, Happy wishes!


May your love for each other continue to grow each and every day. I am so happy your engaged, my sister!

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Brother

I wish you all the best today and always. I am so happy to celebrate this special day with you both. Happy engagement day brother!

God blessed you with love. And God will protect your love too. May your life fill up with wonderful moments. Have a happy ring ceremony!

Dear brother, Happy engagement anniversary. I wish both of your happiness. I hope you have a warm relationship always.

May you both enjoy each other’s company and love each other unconditionally. Congratulations on your engagement, my brother.

May you never stop bringing love and joy to each other and may you be showered with bliss forever.

Wishing you a life full of adventure, happiness, love, and success. Happy engagement wishes!


Dear Brother, may both of you forever be blessed with love, joy, happiness, health, and long life together. Happy engagement my brother!



Congratulations brother on your engagement. May the Almighty bless you both with all the happiness of this world. Be each other’s happiness till the end.

May the miracle of love continue to bless you both with an endless romance. Congrats on your engagement!

Dear Brother, may both of you forever be blessed with love, joy, happiness, health, and long life together. Happy engagement my brother!

Engagement anniversary greetings for my dearest brother. May you be blessed with many years of togetherness. May the love between you grow with each anniversary. Have a blessed day.

My dear brother, God has blessed you with love, and he will also protect your love too. Happy engagement anniversary!

Dear brother, congratulations on your engagement. I wish you both a happy life together.

Congratulations on your engagement, my brother! You both deserve the best, true love, eternal joy, and each other.


Life is hard but having a reliable partner makes it easy. I wish you both become each other’s strongest strength. Happy Engagement!

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Happy 1st Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Friend

May your love be never-ending, May your lives be filled with joy, Congratulations on your engagement anniversary!

True love brought you together and gave you all these happy years in your life. Happy Wedding Anniversary my favorite couple.

Let your love be warm and bright, Let it shine throughout the years, And be an example for the rest of us! Happy anniversary!

Congratulations on another year of love, laughter, and happiness. Here’s to wishing you many more and a happy engagement anniversary.

You two have found each other and proved yourself as an example of true love surviving the test of time. Happy wedding anniversary my friend.

Your happy marriage has been lasting for many years and this is the greatest example of how strong love is. Best wishes to one of the kind couple for your engagement anniversary.

Have a nice celebration of this special moment in your life. Let it open for you a new road to the brightest future, full of goodness and harmony.


Love makes the world go round, and in your case, it seems to be spinning at a good clip. Best wishes.



Who would’ve thought that you guys will last for so long? Just kidding, I knew that. You are a match made in heaven, and nothing can change the way you two are connected. Don’t you dare to lose this connection. Happy anniversary!

May love to continue to be the light that illuminates your lives, giving you hope for years to come. Happy Engagement Anniversary.

In life’s adventure, may happiness be your destination? Cheers! Happy Engagement Anniversary!

May the blessings bestowed upon you on your engagement day overflow as you look forward to marriage, dear and precious friend.

To a cute and wonderful couple: may you have a happy and blessed life ahead of you. I am so thrilled to hear your news. Congratulations on the engagement!

You complement each other like coffee and cream. You are a match made in heaven. Congratulations on being engaged!

I’m so lucky to know such an amazing couple as you guys. I admire your marriage, and you are my role model when it comes to relationships. Wishing you many years of understanding and supporting each other. Congratulations!

Wishing you all the best in life as you start your new journey. I know you two are perfect for each other. Congratulations on your engagement!


Best wishes to you both. May your life together be full of love, blessings, and joy throughout the years. Happy engagement wishes!

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Engagement Anniversary Wishes for Bhaiya Bhabhi

Bhaiya and Bhabhi, you are a couple worth worshipping. Happy Engagement anniversary.

A special wish for a special couple in my life; Bhai and bhabhi, you together connect with your heart and live a beautiful life together. May God turn your all dream and desire true. Stay together always and enjoy your joyride. Happy Engagement Anniversary.

God bless the wonderful couple of dearest bhaiya and bhabhi. Happy Engagement anniversary.

Your understanding of each other is remarkable. Happy Engagement anniversary dearest brother and Bhabhi.

The care and love you have given me are unforgettable. Happy Engagement anniversary.

It is the special day in your life where affection and love gave their best to make you both a nice couple. I wish the happiness and love last forever in your life and you together enjoy some of the brightest colors of your journey. Happy Engagement Anniversary.

The best couple around is that of my Bhabhi and Bhaiya. Happy Engagement anniversary.


You both are an example of a complete couple. Happy Engagement anniversary.



You both spread happiness and love around. Happy Engagement Anniversary!



You both have been a guiding factor in my life. A very happy Engagement anniversary to my dearest brother and bhabhi.

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Engagement anniversary It is a major day which every married couple celebrates with loving feelings. Relationships are easy to build but difficult to maintain. But if there is a lot of love, then every difficult path becomes easy. That’s why every couple wants to make the day special. But still many people do not find time for it because of their busy lives. Couples are unable to give time to each other, due to which sometimes distances also arise between them. That is why no matter what the situation is, no matter how much you have work, some times must be taken out for each other.  So if you or any of your relative’s engagement anniversary is coming, then definitely send them Engagement anniversary wishes. This will be a very nice gift from your side for them.