Happy Friendship Day Quotes, Messages, Wishes 2020

Happy Friendship Day Quotes 2020

Everyone sends happy friendship day quotes to their friends. We all need a special message for our best friends. Friendship Day, a beautiful day celebrated on the 1st Sunday of August in India. It is celebrated on 30th July in the USA & Canada. It is a day that brings happiness among friends whether they are far away from each other or lives together. Also, it is the most beautiful and special day of the year when you make your friends realize how special they are. You can use many different ways to let them know how much you love them. We all keep petite memories of exchanging friendship cards, bands, love, and messages. These memories still exist in this digital world but in the form of e-cards, friendship day messages, and GIFs.

Do you know the reason why we need to celebrate a friendship day?

We all need a good friend in our life, with which we can share our feelings and emotion. A friend who keeps us motivated. A true friend is one who helps you in a tough time. We need a friend because there are many problems in our life which we can’t share with our parents. But we don’t need to look for friends in the outer world; we can also create a friendship bond with our siblings. Our siblings may have passed through the situation we are suffering.  They are our well-wishers as well as a mentor; they will never misguide us intentionally.


Do you have siblings like this? If yes then celebrate your friendship in an extraordinary way because you are lucky to have such siblings cum friends. On the other side, do you have a friend who helped in your difficult times? Then, you should cherish the bond of friendship with beautiful messages. It will help you to keep your friendship for a longer time.

Best way to celebrate friendship day:-

  • Meet and greet friends.
  • Exchanging gifts, handmade cards, bouquet
  • Hosting programs on Friendship day
  • Exchanging Yellow and pink flowers
  • Plan trips and picnics on Friendship day.

Celebrate friendship day in 2020 in Covid-19

  • Send greetings virtually
  • Send online gifts and flower
  • Invite friends to your home and throw a party
  • Make a photo collage and share it.
  • Prepare a friend’s favorite food and drink.

happy friendship day quote

Last words: –

You can feel the essence of true and pure friendship with these happy friendship day quotes. The most cherished part of our life is friendship. It does not matter how your mood is, happy, sad, confused, or angry. You always need a friend to share your feelings. They have been by your side through good and bad times. Whenever you feel down, you need a friend to lift up. On this friendship day send beautiful quotes to your friends and celebrate this day in a different manner. Read the quotes below and find the best suitable quote & send your favorite one to your best friends.

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