Happy Leap Year Birthday Wishes Messages Quotes

You are born only once every four years on February 29th if you are born in a leap year. Here is some beautiful leap year birthday wishes to make someone feel special on this day. Send him or her a leap year joke or funny leap year quote to share a good laugh with him or her on 29th February. Wish them a happy leap year and share the best birthday greetings.

I have compiled a wonderful collection of Happy Leap Year wishes, funny leap year quotes, and Leap Day Birthday messages below for you. Happy Leap Year greetings for WhatsApp and Facebook to celebrate this day.

Happy Leap Day Birthday Messages

It may be possible for time to forget about your birthday, but you remain very special in our hearts. Wishing you a happy leap year birthday.

You are special in every way because you were born on February 29th. I’m sending you warm wishes on your Leap Year Birthday from the bottom of my heart.


My warmest wishes to you on your birthday, the day you’ve been waiting for. I wish you a very happy leap year birthday.

Despite the fact that you appear to be one year old on the calendar, you are actually four years old. Let’s toast to that chaos in life. Congratulations on your Leap Year birthday, my dear.

As someone who hasn’t even reached their teens and is surrounded by people in their 60s, being called a leap year baby is quite fun. Happy Leap Year Birthday.

Exclusive Leap Year Birthday Wishes

The birthday party may only cost you 25% of the money you spend, but it saves 75% of the money you spend on it. Cheers to your savings. I wish you a happy Leap Year birthday.

You enjoy that day twice as much when you’ve waited so long. In the case of those born on February 29th, their birthday isn’t celebrated for three years. Happy Leap Year Birthday.

The people born on February 29th have the opportunity to throw a fabulous party every four years, which they can prepare three years in advance. Happy Leap Year Birthday.

Your date of birth will always make you unique, making you both unique and special in every way. Warm wishes on Leap Year Birthday.

As a person born on February 29th, you should be proud of one good thing: your age. Congratulations on your Leap Year birthday.

Happy Leap Year Birthday Quotes

Due to the fact that you only get presents every three years, every present must be a special one.

You will always receive attention if you’re born on February 29th since it’s leap year.


It is impossible to tell the world how old someone born on February 29th is. Happy Leap Year Birthday!

You are growing up but you are not aging when you have a Leap Year Birthday.

A very small group of people born on February 29th are capable of defying the pace of time.

Funny Leap Year Wishes

The joke will only amuse you if you were born on February 29th, because 4 years is equal to 1 year.

Having a guide that defines the rules specifically for Leap Year Birthday kids would have made everything so much simpler.

There is just one gift to buy every three years for Leap Year babies, which I find to be quite convenient.

Having your baby on February 29th will save you money on birthday party expenses.

It would have been wonderful to celebrate your birthday every year if your mom had waited a little longer.

Funny Leap Year Quotes

The fact that you were born on February 29th guarantees you’ll always be the youngest of your friends.

A minimum age of 60 is required to become legally allowed to drink. Happy Leap Year Birthday.

There are some people who are waiting desperately for February 29th, and you remind us that it does exist on the calendar.

You celebrate your birthday every year even though it only comes around once every three years.

Neither February 28th nor March 1st are set in stone for your birthday. Only you can decide which date you would like to celebrate.