90 Very Powerful Martin Luther King Jr Quotes for All Aspects of Life

Martin Luther King Quotes On Love, Leadership, Motivational, Justice

Inspire yourself with the most powerful and life-changing Martin Luther King Jr. quotes.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He acted as a key person in the American Civil Rights Movement. Being a great activist and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he is a personality of motivation for millions of people around the world. For this reason, his wordings in the form of quotes have worked as great inspiration for many.


Being a pastor in Alabama after having his doctorate degree, King could make changes in racism and laws related. Similarly, he started spreading the message against racism across the country through his influential speeches. A lot of Martin Luther King’s famous quotes were derived from his very famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

Most noteworthy, King was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 which made him the youngest one to achieve at that time. The nonviolent resistance he believed in, helped him to fight against racial inequality which eventually brought him the accreditation. Furthermore, his campaigns and nationwide movements made a lot of people look at him as a role model.


Because his messages always invoked the spark in the mind-set of youth he ended up facing a lot of criticisms too. He was shot dead on the balcony of his motel in 1968, by James Earl Ray. He always gets remembered for his work and the changes he brought in. Certainly, his speeches and the wisdom of words he kept for the generations to follow will remain as life references.

A lot of people who still face the bitterness of racism gets motivated by Martin Luther King quotes. His wording can be resembled with the everyday situation of the common man easily and still impacts lives positively.


Martin Luther King jr – The invisible spokesperson for generations

Probably being the most acclaimed leader who fought against racism, King has always been a people’s person. Even today millions remember him and Dr. Martin Luther King’s quotes, in the difficult situations of life. Because he has enacted his life itself to pass the message to the mind-sets of his followers.

Certainly, his messages on love and equality would definitely touch our thought process and would push us to take inputs from. Even the United States has declared holidays for the states and its cities as respect towards Martin Luther King.

Above all, the wisdom and his quotes passing that still act as a great relief for all of us to look up at his ideologies.

Famous Martin Luther King Jr Quotes with Images


Final Words on Martin Luther King quotes:-

Life takes all of us through a different difficult situation and it is quite obvious that we look for support. It can be in any form. Maybe a friend, parents, spouse, mentor, or one who is close to us. At the time we won’t find any of these and the best option is to look at the great personalities like Martin Luther King Jr. Similarly, Martin Luther King Jr quotes can also be considered as a life aid. Because the power of the positivity involved in those words is humongous.

Almost all his quotes can be applied to different aspects and stages in our life. His life was a great chapter for many to look at life positively and to treat everyone equally. Hence, people around the globe still follows his learnings passed on to generations.

I personally console myself with Dr. Martin Luther King’s quotes at times when griefs pop in different stages of the lifespan.

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