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Before heading toward Michael Jackson quotes, let’s discuss the “king of pop”.

The most significant cultural figure, American singer, songwriter, and dancer born on 29-August -1958 and finished his life journey on 25-June-2009. The eighth child of the Jackson family, he started his career with a band along with his brothers and father “The Jackson 5”. The Jackson 5 attained so much success, but Michael started his solo career in 1971 as a musician.

He also got huge success with his solo performances and during the early 1980s, he was a dominant figure in the music industry. During that time he got a prominent following on MTV. His solo album “Thriller” won eight Grammy awards in 1984 in Germany which was record-breaking. Jackson’s music emphasized environmentalism, racial integration, and fighting against prejudice and injustice.

In 1993, Jackson was accused of abusing the child of a family friend. And in 2005, he tried to acquit from many child sexual abusing allegations and some other charges. In 2009 while preparing for the album “This is it” he died due to an overdose of sedative preferred by his personal physician. Fans around the globe express their tribute and his public memorial service telecasted live on TV. In 2010 it was cleared by the judiciary that Jackson’s death was a homicide. Finally, the best selling musician completed his journey in 2009 and secured his place in all pop lovers’ hearts. He created many inspirational quotes and was well known for MJ quotes.


MJ has been in the spotlight since his childhood as he started a band with his brothers and father. As well, he was a famous artist and popular choreographer. In 1983, during his performance of “Billie Jean”, he performed his famous dance move “The moonwalk”. The moonwalk was choreographed by him and still famous in the dance industry. As we all know he was known as the Pop king, after eleven years of his death he has secured his name. He is still alive in his fan’s heart and in the heart of many artists. He has inspired a number of artists and encourages them to be better people.


Now heading toward Michael Jackson quotes, you need to know to read one quote is not enough. Whenever you start reading read multiple quotes to boost your energy. Everyone needs the motivation to achieve their dreams, it also helps you to get success in life. Michael Jackson’s inspirational quotes are very much famous worldwide and all his fans follow him as inspiration.


Final words on Michael Jackson Quotes:-

Whatever the name has given to him, he proved that he deserves that. He ignored all the criticism and move on to his path of success. He was dominating while he was alive but after his death, he also was on the top of the chart. Michael Jackson asserted six spots of the 10-top line collections in the United States. If you want to read more Michael Jackson inspirational quotes then read our full article. This will help you to achieve your dreams. He always sticks to his words and followed his dreams.

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