National Tooth Fairy Day Messages Quotes

A unique day each year, National Tooth Fairy Day is celebrated on August 22nd and February 28th. Get cute Tooth Fairy quotes and Tooth Fairy notes to make this day even more memorable. You can celebrate Tooth Fairy Day in a special way by sending these cute greetings messages and sayings.

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National Tooth Fairy Day Messages

All you tooth fairy believers out there… Celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day to remember our old and happy days together.

To us, Tooth Fairies serve an important purpose because they always inspire us to believe in ourselves and to do good in the world… Happy Tooth Fairy Day.


My dear, I wish you a very happy Tooth Fairy Day… Wishing you a healthy tooth fairy and a tooth fairy who takes your old teeth away.

Rather than wondering who kept the money under your pillow, it is easier to believe in the Tooth Fairy… Wishing you a happy Tooth Fairy Day.

Every year on Tooth Fairy Day, we remember the days of keeping our teeth under our pillows for money… Happy Tooth Fairy Day, to those beautiful days.

Tooth Fairy Captions for Instagram

As we look back at our childhood Tooth Fairy Day, is always a special one for us.

It took me less time to brush my teeth as a child thanks to the Tooth Fairy… Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

The most beautiful days of our lives are connected with certain items… just like tooth fairy days!

The idea of keeping your tooth under the pillow and discovering money is still so cute to me that I wouldn’t want to grow up.

We welcome tooth fairies instead of feeling pain after losing our teeth because God created them so we can forget about it.

Tooth Fairy Quotes and Sayings

My tooth was always left unclaimed… I always wonder who would be interested in taking it for a fee… Happy Tooth Fairy Day!


The toothless grin is one of the cutest things ever… I wish you a very happy Tooth Fairy Day.

We can experience pain while teething, but if we have tooth fairies around, we can enjoy it more… Happy Tooth Fairy Day.

It certainly helps when the tooth fairy brings you a surprise in the form of a tooth when you lose your tooth… Have a wonderful Tooth Fairy Day!

Our love for the tooth fairy never fades, no matter how old we get.