70+ Best Osho Quotes On Life, Love, Happiness, Inspirational

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Do you know Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain? No…? Ok but you must know Osho, who was born on 11 – December – 1931 in the village of central India Kuchwada. He was the elder one among 11 children of a cloth merchant. A long-bearded man with deep eyes and a strong voice who broken thousands of myths. He always got into a debate with those who talk about religion in his village. His parents always ask him to keep quiet during such a situation which he rarely follows. He had a close attachment with rivers and Osho used to go to the village river with his father and spend hours there. He loved swimming and was a great swimmer. Whenever we look for motivation we want quotes for someone who used to be a great spiritual leader. There are more than 650 books of Osho available.


He was the spiritual teacher, who speaks about love and live a fulfilling life. Osho believes that we can’t be happy with money but we can be happy with love. So he wrote many on love. You will find Osho quotes on love here. Osho believes that loving a flower won’t let you pick a flower. He has gone very deep into his quotes.


Osho quotes always shares an idea about how to live life peacefully and get inspiration. He was very much clear about his thoughts, that during his speech he always gives answers to all queries of listeners. All those queries were written in a diary which consists of 50 books.

Osho Quotes on Life are about living a healthy and wealthy life. His great inspiration was to learn from other’s mistakes. He always sees people doing the act and tries to learn from their mistakes. Once he saw kids riding a bicycle and they used to fall down initially until they manage to balance it. He learned that it requires a certain speed to balance the bicycle so when he firstly rides the bicycle he rides it so fast. To stop the bicycle he had to put the bicycle in a tree but he didn’t fall down.


Osho was known with many names in different countries once in India called as Indian Godman. He was also called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh after he quit his job and helped humans to raise their consciousness. He gave a discourse to the various myths by various saints. In 1990, when he was in Pune he got very ill, his pulse became irregular and he left his body at 5:00 PM. He is not alive with us today but his saying is still inspired us and motivates us to live this challenging life.

Osho Quotes On Life, Love, Happiness, Inspirational



His life was short but he was creative with his more than 600 books in 58 years of life. If you read all his quotes you can easily experience life in one place. Mindfulness is a well-known point now and a portion of Osho quotes bolster the way that it can emphatically affect your life. He additionally had a ton of thoughts regarding assuming liability for yourself and your activities as opposed to relying upon others. Not finding out about, contemplating, or reflecting about affection, connections, and our being keeps us shallow and can prompt superfluous misery, disarray, and poor dynamic all through our lifetimes. Everything necessary is one idea to change the whole mental foundation from which we see and interface with the world. You can look into these quotes of Osho to live a mindful life.

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