Best Quotes for Husband to Make Him Smile, Happy, and Feel Special

Husband Quotes to Make Him Happy

Most of us have someone special in our life who is close to our hearts. That someone can be your life partner, fiance, or your boyfriend. Most of the time, it’s the men who make efforts to chase the women they like. They keep sending love messages to make her feel special. But you must have noticed how those messages or quotes bring a bright smile to your face. There is no way you won’t think about them. But they have emotions too. They too like if their partner is initiating to keep the relationship alive. So here’s an idea, why don’t you share or send him some genuine, friendly quotes to make him smile.

Married women’s life revolves all-around their husbands. But that radiance in the initial phase gets faded as time passes. Women are quite inexpressive though they want to be. It’s just the fear that they don’t want to look desperate. But a nice, little gesture of sharing some love messages will make him smile thinking you care for him. Don’t let the spark go away. It doesn’t matter how old are you, age is just a number if you have a young romantic heart.

If you miss your special ones, there is nothing wrong with expressing your love. Even your few words will bring you closer. Surprise him by sharing some quotes that will motivate him, inspire him. He will appreciate you and will feel lucky to have you. Be the reason for his smile. We are not asking you to make it a routine for being extra nice and caring. As most of the men, start taking things for granted. So, be a charismatic and lovable woman of his life that he should be thankful for.

Best Quotes to Make Him Feel Special and Smile

Every woman wants to make her boyfriend or husband happy and she does whatever necessary for it. Here are the best collection of quotes that will help you to make him smile and happy.

quotes to make him smile

You smile serves as my comfort, your chest is my resting place,
your love is the blanket that covers me form all cold and you warmth breath heal my soul. I love you baby!


Your smile is the medicine to all my worries and pain and they heal me faster than any drugs,
I’m sick and worried now, would you please smile for me and heal me faster.

quote to make him smile

You better thank heaven for having me, because no one would have put up with your naughty ass,
I guess you should be saying that to me.


You know I’ve been thinking of falling sick
so I can just get to see your cute face to heal me all day and your sweet touch to caress me.

make him smile quote

I must have done something good, I must have prayed hard,
I must have been really good to deserve somebody as sweet as you are, thank you for coming my way.


You are my best friend when I needs just a friend, my companion when I need someone to talk to,
you are just all I can ever pray for.


I want to be your endgame, your first string, the girl you finally make your wife,
I’m in love with this man and I would be very proud to raise my kids with you,
you’re just my type and you hold me down with everything you do baby.


Hey, I just saw someone on my TV screen that kind of look like you,
the difference is just that you got a better smile than him and that got me. Smile for me handsome.

Sweet Messages for Him to Make Him Smile

make him happy and smile with quote

Sometimes I wonder if you are really real, because someone as perfect like you don’t really appear in real world,
well, if this is fantasy then I’m enjoying every bit of it.


With you by my side baby, forever is just a start, forever is you and me,
I’ll make our dreams to reality and I want you to help me with this,
i promise to love you like no other person would do baby,
you’ve given me enough happiness and I don’t want to give you nothing less. I love you dearly!


I’ll give you all of me, promise to give me all of you, everywhere you go I’ll follow you baby,
this is a reminder that I’ll love you until my last breath baby. I love you!


Honey, in the midst of millions and crowd,
I’ll easily recognize you because your smile differs from others and you’re just close to perfection my darling.

love quote to make him smile

Feeling the breath of love and passion, I enjoy every moment with you,
they are the best I can ever had or ask for, you’re just my one in a million.

Quotes to Make Him Smile When He’s Sad


Do you know I need to see an optician because since the day I met you,
I’ve not been able to see anyone else apart from you because your love has occupied every bit of my heart.


Darling you have unleashed the source of joy in me, you gave me the strength to love again and I’m enjoying every bit of it,
this love journey has been really smooth because you’ve carefully constructed the road to my heart. I love you, my darling engineer.


Baby, I’ll be your shoulder you can lean on, I’ll be your wife and your best friend,
there is nothing I won’t do just to prove to you that I want us, I’m forever grateful for having you baby!


Baby, you are the sunshine that shines its ray into my life, there’s nothing in this world compares to the joy I have anytime I’m with you,
we’ve come along way and you’re my place of rest after a long day. I love you baby!


Baby, you know the very first time I met you, I never thought you’ll be so amazing as you are to me now,
you’re indeed a blessing and I’m happy to have met you in my life.


Hi, can you just stop being hot,
it’s burning me already but I guess I’m enjoying the hotness.


Darling, anytime I tell you I love you, I really mean it because you deserve every bit of my love,
the unending love and happiness you’ve brought to my life makes me fall for you over and over again and I don’t ever want to stop loving you!


Hello handsome, all my friends are jealous of me and wants a man like you,
well, I told them I’ll be selling you anytime soon. Hope you’re ready to be sold.

The 10 Second Long Text that Will Make Him Smile for Hours

My lovely man, I feel so passionate when I’m with you that I want to pour you the rain of love which you can’t miss even a single drop and I am willing to make you soak in love so that you can realize how deeply in love I am with you. You have unleashed the fuel of joy in my heart! I love you!

The feeling I get when you kiss me makes me want to ask for more, the wetness of your lips lighten up my day and your sweetest touch is what I linger for every day, I just want you more and more every day of my life.

Smile for me, even when you’re sad, be good to me even when you’re bad, stay with me even when you’ve got someplace to be, I just want to be that girl that makes your day better. I love you hubby!

You’re my weakness as I’m yours, you’re my strength as I’m yours, you’re my happiness as I’m yours, you’re the reason for everything I am darling, you’re just all I ever want.

I want to be that girl that you go miles for because I’ll go kilometers for you, that girl that makes you feel on top of the world, I want to be the bone of your bones and the flesh of your flesh. I just want to be the one to complete you. Love you baby!

Dearest, a second without you feels like a lifetime and like an eternity, I miss even the smallest thing about you especially your smile, do me a favor by smiling for me honey.

Darling, I’ve made a resolution to be with you forever because I without you is like a day without sun, a heart without a beat, music without lyrics, market without people, me without you feels empty. I love you, baby!

You’ve become my addiction and I don’t ever want to let go, I’m enjoying this my new found addiction the way a smoker is addicted to weeds- you get me high, the way a drunk is addicted to wine, I’m addicted to you, I’m never going to let go of this addiction.

Darling, you’re special to me the way a gun is special to a soldier, the way a hoe and cutlass is important to a farmer, the way air is essential to breathing, you’re special, important, and essential to my life.
I want you to stay with me forever baby, I get distracted when I’m not with you and I can’t even focus on anything, you’re just in my head, I’m here falling helplessly for you baby!

You’re so cute and charming, your smile is one of the greatest things I cherish about you, your charisma and humor is everything that lightens up my day and you’re just perfect for me in all ramifications. Darling, in short, you’re the best anyone could ever have. I love you so much, baby!

Final Words

When you are making someone happy, you will automatically feel the essence of joy. A healthy relationship does not need expensive gifts. It just needs your time to show that you respect him, trust him, and love him. No matter how hard the situation is, you are always beside him. Caring is sharing, so share this incredible collection of our cute quotes to make him happy. Try it, pick any quote now, and see how it works. You can encourage him by sharing some motivational quotes. All that matters is our sweet gestures and even a few words to let him know that you are still in love with him.

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