Safe Journey Quotes – Have a Safe Journey Wishes Messages

Safe Journey Quotes: Wishing someone a safe journey shows your caring spirit towards them. When someone means a lot in your life then you consider their grief as yours. That is why if someone of yours is going on a journey, then you would not want any problem in his journey. Giving someone a positive farewell makes their journey more enjoyable and safe. Therefore, if someone is planning to go somewhere whether it is your friend, colleague, or any relative, definitely wish them an auspicious journey. Because little words mean a lot. It strengthens the relationship and these words make them feel that you are happy with their journey and pray to God for their safe journey. So read this article till the end because in this article we have come up with the safe journey quotes.

People travel to live a few moments of relaxation from the daily stress-heavy hectic life. Traveling to beautiful places makes life more fun. If any trouble comes in the journey, it ruins the whole joy. That is why if someone is going on a long journey for any purpose, then you can wish him a good journey. However, your wish message does not necessarily mean that there will be no problem in the journey. But, when you bid farewell to someone in a positive way, their journey becomes easier. That’s why we have written down the safe journey quotes here so that you do not face any trouble in choosing the right words to wish a loved one a safe journey. So let’s take a look at these quotes.

Safe Journey Quotes


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. – Jack Canfield

The world is waiting for you. Good Luck. Travel Safe. Go! – Phil Keoghan

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. – Tim Cahill

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal. – Paulo Coelho

Everything will be alright in the end so if it is not alright it is not the end. – Deborah Moggach


A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. – John A. Shedd

Beautiful girl, take care of yourself. No-one else knows what your soul needs. – Aston G

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. – Matsuo Basho

The more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap. Stay safe. Eat cake. – Unknown

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. – Confucius

Safe Travel Quotes

The farther you go, however, the harder it is to return. The world has many edges, and it’s easy to fall off. – Anderson Cooper

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. – Unknown

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life. – Michael Palin

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. – George Augustus Moore

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey. – Babs Hoffman


All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. – Martin Buber

No place is ever as bad as they tell you it’s going to be. – Chuck Thompson

To travel is to take a journey into yourself. – Danny Kaye

I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side. – Roman Payne


Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. – Andre Gide

Have A Safe Trip Messages

You deserved this long-awaited vacation, so I pray that everything goes smoothly during the journey! Cherish your time and travel safe, sweetheart!

When you return from your travels, you won’t be the same person. Your body will be more relaxed and your mind clearer. Little things won’t matter anymore. It’s one of the most satisfying moments in life to be able to travel and explore the planet. Take this time to embrace the changes and have a nice journey.

Regardless of where your trip is taking you, be sure to embrace the journey. Whether you are far or near, there are plenty of good things to see. With every winding road comes a new opportunity to explore and uncover more joy. So open your mind to all the possibilities of each adventure and have a safe trip back home!

Dear friend, I am hoping your trip goes well. May the road you take lead to much personal happiness in the future. Though there may be mountain tops and valleys, I am sure you will find the path that leads to your best future. Stay on it when you find it.

There is no place like home. But it is only by leaving that we appreciate how true this is. I hope you have a splendid trip, with no shortage of laughter and fun. When you return, I hope the memories you have made will be enough to last a lifetime. Mostly, I wish you safe travels and a very good time along the way.

Wherever you go, know that warm thoughts and hopes for a safe journey accompany you. You will never really be alone if you reach out and make new connections. It will be an amazing experience. Hope you can be present in the moment and make the most of every new sight. Have a great trip.

I know that traveling can be like a bug that we can’t quite shake off. It can infect us and give us a restless spirit to always want to see more. Good travels to you and may you never run out of new destinations to check off your list.

Life is full of opportunity. I hope your travels bring you an abundance of fun and joy every minute of your trip. Stay safe and please keep in touch. I would love to hear about the great places you have seen and the adventures you have had.

I hope your journey is sprinkled with fun surprises, and plenty of time to take in the view as you go. They say road trips are an opportunity to think and process. Stay safe and awake as you drive. We would love to know when you make it safely home.

Making the decision to travel comes with the knowledge that you may experience some bumps in the road. So, to you I say, may your luggage never be lost, your flights all feel like short naps, and your passport always be full of stamps. Have a fun and safe trip.

You are going on a trip? I am green with envy. I have no choice but to live vicariously through you on social media. So you had better make sure this experience is worthy of an audience. Make new friends. Have new experiences. Do things most of us would not dare to. And next time, take me with you. Have an extraordinary trip!

The dream of travel can draw us in like a moth to a flame. It can inspire us to learn new languages, to try new cuisines, and can even change our way of thinking. May your dreams of traveling always be alive. I hope you have a safe trip.

Wanderlust is a driving force of life. It calls us to see more of the world than we ever thought possible. We learn with every step outside our comfort zone. I’m so excited for you to begin your adventures. Good luck, and don’t forget to write. Bon Voyage!

As you travel mile upon mile, please know that you are thought of in the kindest way. I am sure all will go well for you, and that this will become an amazing time to cherish for years to come. Remember your destination is only part of the experience, so enjoy the scenery on the way.

There will be a time when you go on a long trip, to get some relaxing have a safe trip messages can really help you to feel more relaxed and not getting too worry about the journey that might look terrifying.


Have fun on your trip! If it is anything like we have seen in the movies, you are about to discover a whole new side to yourself. There is nothing quite like stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to do new things. Do not underestimate how courageous you are. I wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.

Hope that your journey is full of blue skies, with interesting people and beautiful places. May you travel safely to your destination and find that you feel right at home there. Settling in somewhere will take longer than getting there, but I am sure you are going to love it.

A voyage is a unique experience that allows us to learn about the world and meet new people. It is through this opportunity that we are newly shaped as we take these encounters with us forever. I want to wish you safe travels and I hope you enjoy your trip.

Whether you travel by car, by train, by boat, or by airplane, taking any kind of journey is an exciting venture that should be experienced by all. It is more than just a stamp in a passport, but a door to new worlds. I hope you have a safe trip.

There’s an entire universe out there waiting to be explored. Now is your chance to dig deep and find whatever it is you’re looking for. Whether you choose to climb the impossible or just take a dip in the pool to soothe your soul, have a wonderful and safe trip.

Traveling the globe allows us to see and experience a great many things. I hope that your eyes drink in all the scenery, that your ears soak in every language, and that your heart fills up with each step you take on foreign soil. Safe travels on your trip.

Take every new breath deeply and enjoy the places you visit. Find new food, new music, new friends, and see life through new eyes. Fill your heart with new joy, and try different things. You may just find something you love around every corner. Happy travels!

Happy and Safe Journey Wishes

Have a happy journey. I hope all the good things are on your way.

May your voyage be as exciting and eye-opening as ever! I’ll be with you all the time in mind and soul! Be safe and travel well!

I hope to see you safe and sound when you finally return. Till then, enjoy everything that comes in your way. Have a safe journey!

Bon voyage! Have a safe and enjoyable journey ahead.

Best wishes for the journey. Stay safe and enjoy your break. Have a safe flight!

I already miss you so much here but I want you to have the best experience through this journey. Have a safe and enjoyable trip, love!

Hope this journey will treat you well and give you the best experience. Bon Voyage!

May you be safe wherever you are! Enjoy the ride!

Wishing you the happiest journey! Be in good health and mind!

Don’t be nervous about riding an airplane because it will take you to your destination in no time! Take care and have a safe flight!

I am super excited for your journey ahead, but your safety is important to me too! May you be in good health and have the safest ride!

I hope this journey will be a very meaningful and memorable one for you. Have a safe ride and enjoy every moment! I’ll miss you, babe!

May you have a lot of fun on the way. May this journey bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Have a happy and safe journey!


I am really happy that you are finally taking this journey. May all things work in your favor. Have a safe journey.

Sweetheart, I’ll be counting days till you return to me but till then, have fun to the fullest! Wishing you an amazing journey and trip ahead!

Wishing you a safe and stress-free journey. Happy traveling!

May this journey of yours be full of extraordinary memories and sweet moments. I wish you a safe journey along with a safe return.

I hope this journey will be the most memorable adventure of your life. All I wish is that voyage be unimpeded and unhampered. Good luck!

May this journey brings you new opportunities and things to look forward to. Good luck and travel safe.


Wish you a happy journey. May the road hit you well and drop you smoothly to your destination.

Safe Journey Wishes for Husband

I really wish you wouldn’t travel because I will definitely miss you too much but safe journey my dear, I can’t wait to see you again.

Be safe my love, know that I am always thinking about you and you are always on my mind.

I love you so much baby, the house will be empty without you. Happy journey and try not to miss me too much.

May God grants you a safe journey to and fro and may your purpose for traveling be accomplished. Safe journey sweet.

It is not going to be the same without you, I know you just left but I am looking forward to seeing you again. Safe journey boo.

How am I going to sleep tonight without you by my side? You know you are my favorite pillow. Safe journey hubby, see you soon.

If you know the intensity at which I am missing you already, you would have taken me along even if it meant smuggling me across. Have a safe flight boo-boo. If you know the intensity at which I am missing you already, you would have taken me along even if it meant smuggling me across. Have a safe flight boo-boo.

Bring your handsome self back here as soon as possible, you are not permitted to leave me for long. Safe journey.

Don’t you dare extend your travel, you know I can’t do without you so come back home soon. Have a safe flight.

Who am I going to tease now that you are traveling, I can’t wait to pull your nose again. Safe journey my love.

I will be right here waiting for you, I will always be here for you my love, safe journey.

The road would be smooth for you, there would be no mishap whatsoever. Have a pleasant journey baby.

I wish you were here with me but I understand why you had to leave, even at that, I can’t stop missing you. Be safe dearie.

I am going to be with you every step of the way and that is because you carry my heart with you everywhere you go. Safe flight handsome.

I got something for you, it’s meant to be a surprise but I might just eat it all up if you are not home soon. Safe trip love.

Every moment I have spent with you has been magical. Come home soon, your queen can’t wait to see your lovely face. Have a safe trip.

You need to turn around and come back home, you took my heart along and only a face-to-face apology would make me forgive that.


May the favor of God be upon you as you travel. You will go and come back fulfilled. Safe trip hubby.

Hey hubby, your wifey can’t stop thinking about you. You know I love you right? Safe journey.
I know you only just left but I am getting ready for your return already. Being with you is always fun and I can’t wait to be in your arms again.

Hey big baby, I know you are missing me so I had to send you this text. Safe journey my love.
I will definitely be counting down to when I will see you again. It’s not going to be the same without you here, safe journey handsome.

Hello darling, how is your journey going? I love you so much and I know I will see you soon. Safe journey.

I know you will be gone for just few days but every moment without you is unbearable. Come home soon sugar, Bon voyage.

Safe journey sugar, don’t forget to get a souvenir from your trip.

Let me know How the journey goes, I can’t wait to hear your voice soon, it’s my favorite sound in the world.

Have a safe journey, my dear, that I would miss you is an understatement. Keep me updated.

The house is going to be boring now that you are gone, come back as soon as possible my love, safe travels.

You are God’s greatest gift to me, which I thank him for every day. Safe journey my prince, see you soon.

Hi, naughty, if you know the plans I have made for you when you return, you will turn around and drive home this minute. I am going to save them up for you sweet, have a pleasant journey.

My baby rocks! My baby is a superstar, my baby is a superman. You know I am your number one fan, I will always be your hype man.

I am closer to you than you think dear, if you miss me too much, give me a call. Safe journey.


Your queen is missing you already, you are going to get a nice tight hug when I see you again. Safe journey.

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Safe Journey Wishes for Friend

Just wanted to wish you a safe and happy journey. Hope you will enjoy it as much as you are excited about it.

I hope this trip will be the best trip of your life. Take good care of yourself the whole time and never forget to take as many pictures as you can! Best of luck!

Have a pleasant journey, mate! You will be missed here!

Hope you have one hell of a ride and have the best time of your life on this journey. Eagerly waiting to hear about your trip!

Dear friend, march into the unknown and discover peace and happiness for yourself through this trip! Have a safe and memorable journey!

Although I’m missing you right now, I wish all the best for you. I really hope you’ll return with a lot of awesome memories. Have an enjoyable trip!

May your journey be eye-opening! May you have new and profound experiences, and may you arrive and depart in a safe manner!


Hope you will be crazy on this trip enough to forget about all your worries. Have a happy and safe journey.

I’ll be waiting till you return safely with some unbelievable stories from your trip. Till then, enjoy every moment of it with your companions. Have a happy trip!

I wish I was with you right now because I really wanted to be a part of this wonderful trip. But all the best wishes to you. Maybe next time, I’ll be your companion!

My friend, therapy is expensive but traveling is not! So make the best out of this journey and heal your mind and soul. Bon voyage!

Be safe and have the time of your life, mate. Please be careful and text me when you reach. Love yaa.


Wishing for you to enjoy every minute of the upcoming wholesome journey, best friend. Do not forget to bring goodies for me.

Best Wishes for Safe Travel

Have a safe journey, Enjoy the true taste of traveling, Enjoy the real passion.

Enjoy your time and please try to have a lot of fun. I miss you, But Very Happy For You. Happy Journey!

Happy Journey. Reach home safely and come back soon with more strength and happiness. I will be waiting for you!


I hope to see you return healthy and happy. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip.

I am very happy for you my dear, Your dream was always discovering the world, Make it unforgettable holiday. Happy Journey!

May your journey be filled with joy, Have a blast and enjoy your journey. Safe Journey!

Wishing a my dear friend, a safe journey! May the joy of this journey bring sweet memories for the rest of your life!


May your journey go well! Enjoy your trip and come back safe!

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Safe Journey Quotes for Love

Distance means so little when someone special means so much. You’re my “someone special” every day.

Here are beautiful photos you can send to your significant others. If you like, you can choose to send both pictures and a message, wishing your Love one, a safe journey.

Once you reach the destination, let me know, love. Hope you have a great journey.

Go safe, Move safe, Stay safe, Leave safe, and then come back safe.

Stay safe and enjoy your journey, bae. I’m already started missing you. Hope you are missing me too.

I know am supposed to say Goodbye. But it will be a lie. Because there’s no goodbye between us, you’re always in my heart. Safe trip my love.

Hope you have a safe journey and please take care of yourself. Already missing you, baby!

Wishing you a safe journey my love. You know how much I cherish traveling, but whenever I’m not traveling with you, I always feel lonely till you return.

May your travel cures the biggest worries of your life and give you answers to all you need. Stay Safe and always remember how much you mean to me.

May your journey be free from stress, and I pray that God Almighty brings you home safely into my welcoming arms. You’re my heartbeat forever.


Wishing you a happy journey, my love. Enjoy what the journey has to offer you and be yourself- and enjoy every bit.

You’re more special than words I can come up with, safe journey, and always know that I love you dearly and continuously praying for you.

My love, have a safe journey and take care.

Best wishes for your journey, babe. Hope you will have an adventurous one.

Sorry, I can’t make it. If I could I would go with you. I hope you will enjoy this trip. Don’t worry about me, take care of yourself and travel safely.

Thinking about you on this trip, and fervently asking God to shower you with His blessings, protection on this trip. Stay safe my love.

Safe journey and I hope that you have the most amazing time and come back with amazing memories that you’ll tell the grandkids.


You will surely look flawless throughout the journey, I know. Have a safe one, darling.

Safe Journey Quotes for Brother

May the Lord go before you to settle everything for you, he will go with you and lead you to safety. Have a blessed trip bro. Be good.

Don’t be anxious, everything is gonna be fine. You will have a safe trip void of all road mishaps. Let your mind be at rest, you will have a wonderful trip. Be good bro.

As you set out on this journey, there shall be no cause for alarm. Be rest assured that God is with you all through the journey. Have a safe trip bro.

May God bless your trip and make it safe. Everywhere you go, may divine protection encompass you, have a blessed trip bro, you’re safe already. Be good.

Why get scared, when God has promised to be there for you in everything. Your journey has been perfected in safety, go in confidence, have a wonderful trip.

May God be with you to lead you through. All through your journey, he will direct your step and you’d enjoy divine safety in abundance. Have a wonderful journey.

You have been camped in safety, so no evil can come near you. Go in grace bro. Have a safe and blessed journey. Enjoy it to the fullest. See you soon.

Go in God’s divine guidance, he will influence every decision you make, your choices will be safe and he would take you to your destination, safely and happily. Enjoy your trip bro.

There will be no cause for complain or regret in this trip because God has gone before you to prepare the way. Have a safe trip bro. God bless your journey.

Everything is going to be perfect, as you go, no delay, no disturbance is allowed in your journey. God is there for you. Be ready to enjoy your best trip ever. Safe journey.

For your sake, every harm on the road is cancelled, you will have good success in the end and you’d be happy you made the journey. Have a safe and wonderful trip, bro.


Don’t be scared by the many occurrences happening around. You have been divinely protected, no harm will come near you. Have a stress free trip.

A lot of people set out daily and are victims of mishap, but it should never be your portion, you’re safe and secured in his divine protection plan. Have a wonderful trip bro.

The Lord is your shepherd, he will guide you and lead you through the journey, and at the end, you will be fulfilled. Have a safe trip bro. May God be with you.

Fear not, bro, for the journey is going to be perfect and you will not go in vain. God will be with you all through, so there’s no cause for alarm. Enjoy your trip in safety.

As you embark on this journey. May you be safe and convenient, no hitch, no delay, no problem whatsoever. Have a wonderful journey bro. Go in peace, see you soon.

Everything about your journey has been settled. Your purposed going will be fulfilled and you will be happy all through the way. Safe journey bro.


Every step you take through the way will be secured by God. Your journey has been sanctified by God, everything is settled. Have a safe trip bro.


Somebody in the family often travels. If you wish them a safe journey, then the relationship with them becomes good. If you take care of someone, he will also take care of you. And if any of your friends, colleagues, or family members are going on a long journey, you can send safe travel wishes through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To make greetings even more attractive and impressive, you can use the safe journey quotes given in this article. Hope you liked these quotes.

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