Sorry Quotes for Brother – Apology Messages in English

Sorry Quotes for Brother: It is very important to have a brother in life so that we feel safe. Whether the brother is younger or older, he is like a friend. He Plays together and also fights. But, when in trouble, he also asks for the reason. He worries about us too. He may not show how concerned he is for his siblings. But, inside is full of worries. If the brother is older, then he is like a parent who questions everything. Where did you go? What were you doing? I don’t know what! Keep watch on everything. You might feel bad. But, behind doing this, they only care about you. He does not want his younger brother or sister to do something wrong and then get into some problems later.

By the way, sisters get to know the importance of brothers, especially in Raksha Bandhan. The festival of Rakshabandhan has no meaning for a sister who does not have a brother. A sister eagerly waits for Rakshabandhan. She has many dreams that she will make a beautiful Rakhi for her brother and tie it on his wrist and her brother will give her some nice gifts. But, a sister who does not have a brother cannot even aspire for such a thing.

There is a lot of love between brothers and sisters. But, there are lots of fights too. But, when it comes to resentment, a brother does not get angry much sooner than a sister. Still, sometimes we in anger say something wrong to the brother. If the brother is younger, he starts crying and sits down sadly, but if he is older, he is wise. He goes without saying anything, but he feels bad from the heart even if he does not say anything. But, we should not do this. We should feel our fault.

Quarrels and fights are common, but some wrong thing hurts more. That is why even by mistake, do not say anything wrong for the brothers. Well, if there is a fight between you and your brother and you have said something wrong to your brother and now you are thinking about how to apologize to him, then don’t need to be worried. We have brought here some sorry quotes for brother. You can apologize to your brother through these quotes. Your brother will surely forgive you after reading these quotes. Because the things written in these sorry quotes will force your brother to forget all the resentment and forgive you.

Sorry Quotes for Brothers with Images

Fight or misunderstanding happens sometimes between brother and sister. It is not a big deal. But if you know that the mistake was yours and it badly hurt your brother emotionally then you should say sorry to him. Saying sorry also not a big deal but when you will use some emotional words in your sorry then he will forgive you instantly. Sor, here we brought out the best sorry quotes to brothers. Select your best message and say sorry to your brother for your mistake.

sorry quotes for brother

My heart is crushed by the guilt and it will only heal if you forgive me. I am sorry my dearest brother.

I was so wrong, and I promise I won’t let it happen again. Let’s bring back our days of laughter and fun! I am terribly sorry. Forgive me, please.

After my father, it is you whom I look up to with awe and reverence, but due to my own stupidity I have hurt you and for that, I am really sorry.

I was so wrong, and I promise I won’t let it happen again. Let’s bring back our days of laughter and fun! I am terribly sorry. Forgive me, please.

My brother, I am sorry for causing you hurt by my harsh words and I seek an apology for the same. I hope you will forgive me with all your heart.

I want you to know how sorry I am, I may not a perfect brother/sister to you but I am so thankful for always being the best brother to me.

Sorry for being the meanest person to you but you are the best brother one could have. Please accept my apology.

I’m so sorry is all I can think of to tell you. How terribly bad I feel for what I did to you. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

sorry quotes for brother in english

What happened was never my intention, I didn’t mean for it to be so, please forgive me. I’m truly sorry.

apology quotes for brother

I never wanted to be the reason for your tears. I am sorry for my behavior. Please forgive me, brother.

Having a Brother is a great blessing. A brother is not only the one who will fight with you but is also the one who will fight for you. If you have been rude to your brother then you must apologize.

Mean words went out of my mouth at that moment, but my heart will always love and respect you. Please grant me your forgiveness dear brother.

To err is human but to forgive is divine, please find a space in your heart to forgive me, I’m so sorry.

After dad, my brother is my superhero but sometimes I hurt him unknowingly. My heart is breaking. Please forgive me if possible.

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Sorry Messages for Brother in English

You have always taken all the pains by yourself for me, cared for me, and showered your affection on me but very carelessly I gave you a blow for which I sincerely apologize, please grant me the forgiveness.

I’m so sorry for the way I acted towards you, I just realized I shouldn’t have, please forgive me and accept my apology.


Sometimes, I take you for granted and hurt you. I am extremely sorry for the things I do to you.

Mom and dad have always taught us to never fight and stick by each other. I am really sorry I was so rude to you. I said awful things to you and I apologize to you for them with all my heart.

No amount of apology will take back the stupid things I said to you while fighting. I wish I had just kept quiet. Forgive me Please.


It was a mistake on my part to have acted the way I did. I’m so sorry for doing so, please forgive me.

My heart is aching thinking about the bad things I did to my brother. Please accept my apology and tell me what I can do to make everything right.

We have always been told to be kind to each other and all I did was be mean to you for no reason at all. You probably hate me by now but please know that I will never do it again. I am sorry.

Sorry is a good weapon for some people and after that just say sorry… but actually people don’t know the deep meaning of sorry. I know what it means to be sorry, I’m truly sorry for everything.

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Sorry Quotes for Brother from Sister


Dear Brother, I am so sorry for hurting you. Please accept my apology and give a hug to your best sister.

Please accept your cutest sister’s apology. I never meant to hurt you with my words. Hope you will forgive me soon and we will go back to our mojo!

This guilt is killing me inside. I wish I could show you my heart. It is in agony since I behaved so badly with you. Please hug me and accept my sorry.

My life is incomplete without you and I am so sorry to hurt you that day. Sorry for hurting such an important person in my life.

I am so sorry dear brother. Please talk to me. Your sissy is crying here.

I always fight with you, but I know that you are the only person who will fight for me against the world. Please forgive me, brother!

I wish I had the time turner from Harry Potter with me to make everything right between us. I am very sorry. Please forgive your sister this time dear brother.

I have hundreds of excuses to support my annoying habits but no excuse can give explain the way I behaved with you that day. I’m really very sorry for my rough behavior.

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I Am Sorry Brother Quotes

 i am sorry brother quote

Please give me a chance to bring back our days of sunshine. I know I messed up big time. Cannot say how sorry I am!

My brain is stupid and does idiotic things all the time. Let us clear this misunderstanding and put an end to this suffering. I am terribly sorry bro.

You and I are like a band of musicians but somehow, I broke the rhythm of our music. I believe we still have chemistry. Please forgive me and accept my apology dear brother.

My first mistake was prioritizing my ego over our relationship. I promise I won’t do that anymore. I am so sorry dear brother.

‘Sorry’ won’t pay for the loss but for the sake of our childhood and great memories, please give me another shot of forgiveness bro. I am sorry!

i am sorry brother quotes

I am deeply sorry for all the bad things I did and said to you, please forgive me dear brother. I’m really sorry.

I understand the level of pain you are experiencing now and I want you to know that it wasn’t my intention to hurt you. I’m a sorry brother and please forgive me.

I’m sorry is all in my mouth, how I wish I had words to express how deeply sorry I am for all I did to you, please forgive me.

For all, I did to you I know it will only take a heart that knows God to forgive me, please forgive me, dear brother.

Sorry Lines for Brothers

If words could be retrieved then I will retrieve the bad words I spoke to you. I didn’t mean to have said them, accept my apology.

sorry lines for brother

I passed a sleepless night waiting for the morning to say sorry to you. Please forgive me, dear brother. I love you.

I cannot imagine my life without you. You are my biggest support and you help me keep going on. I wish I was nicer to you. I am sorry for everything.

It is not always the person at fault that originates an apology, I choose to make this apology because I value and respect our friendship. Please forgive me and let us live in harmony again.

I trust God and I believe in the strong bond of our brotherhood, which is why I know you’ll accept my apology. Are you still mad at me?

I will do anything just to take away all the pain that you’re feeling. My life is incomplete without you. I am sorry. Won’t do it again.

sorry lines for brothers

Problems come for us to pick out lessons from, same as this one, I just pray you to find a place in your heart to forgive me.

I do not know who is right and who is wrong, but I certainly value our relationship more than my ego. I am sorry brother. Let us start a new day without any misunderstanding, please.


Brothers and sisters play together like friends and fight too. All these moments of childhood become a memory after growing up. By remembering these childhood moments, a brother-sister or two brothers, despite being away from each other, maintain love for each other. If you have a fight with your brother and later you feel your mistake then you must apologize to your brother. Apologies to them through the above sorry quotes. Because by doing so he will forgive you sooner. Send these quotes to your friends too so that they too can apologize to their brother who got angry with something.

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