Life is too Short to Waste Quotes and Sayings


Life is too short to waste Quotes and Sayings Life is all about the matter of our choices. Every day when we wake up time grants us with the treasure of 86400 seconds. It’s our choice, how we spend, either by benefitting or losing them. Life is not a fairytale, but it can be if you believe in yourself. Life is too short to waste on regrets, grudges, fights, and arguments. It’s all about forgiving and moving on. The real purpose of life is happiness. There is no formula, no…

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Live Your Best Life Quotes – Motivational & Inspirational


Life Is Amazing When You Start Making Your Life The Best! For anyone, life is the great teacher that will teach you anything. It gives you lots of ups and downs where you have an opportunity to enjoy the fun, job, sorrows, and every other emotion. Though you are moving with the daily activities, you are learning thousands of things with and without knowing. When you are happy, your surroundings will be filled with positivity, and you encourage others to be happy. On the flip side, when you are sad,…

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How to Shift a Good Life into a Great Life


Change your Good Life into a Great Life Life can be a wonderful journey, a crazy ride, and a great adventure. But it can also be a living nightmare, constant struggle, and a formidable teacher. It all depends on you. At every moment, you choose the side that influences your mind, body, and soul, your present and future, to be yourself, and the other people in your life. Here are some of the choices you need to make to see the world as a beautiful place filled with opportunity, kindness,…

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