Unhappy Life Quotes and Sayings with Images

Unhappy Life Quotes in English

There are a lot of problems in everyone’s life and these problems will keep coming in further. So we can’t hide from these. We have to face them. Some people of us suddenly get unhappy. So in this situation, we can read some unhappy life quotes so that we can be happy in our life no matter how many problems are. 


Unhappiness – or sadness – is a part of life. Everyone experiences adversity from time to time. But what if you feel unhappy all the time? What is causing your suffering?

Research seems to show that unhappiness – and happiness – is caused by patterns in our life: patterns in doing things are called patterns and behavioral patterns that we think are called cognitive patterns. Different behavioral and cognitive patterns lead to different emotional patterns that determine how happy we are from day today.


The road to being happier can be long and sometimes requires major changes in your life. Indeed, it is something that must be instilled every day to be happy, but accept the correct pattern in life and then stick to that pattern. In this article, we’ll look at some common patterns that make people unhappy and what you can do for them.

We all feel sad from time to time – and if it reacts to certain situations, that’s normal. However, many people are unhappy most of the time and this indicates a bigger problem. What are the main causes of bad luck? Why is everyone so unhappy?

Behavioral patterns that lead to misfortune. 

  • Indoor residence
  • Isolate yourself
  • Drinking and drugs in excess
  • Not getting enough sleep or getting regular sleep
  • Chronic inactivity, sedentary lifestyle, and poor nutrition
  • Your comparing with other
  • You are afraid of failure…
  • You don’t live in the current time…
  • Also, You ignore your heart…
  • You never boast.

Cognitive patterns that lead to unhappiness

  • Tendency towards dissatisfaction
  • Closed effective predictions
  • Focus on negative events in the past and in the future

Unhappy Life Quotes with Images

breathing-is-hard-unhappy life quote


The pursuit of happiness is real. We all want to be happy, don’t we? After all, life is better when we are happy, healthy, and successful. To help you on your journey please enjoy these quotes about happy and happy feelings so that you can find joy and fulfillment in life.

I hope these quotes of unhappy life will help you who are unhappy in their life. You can find happiness from your unhappy life by reading these miserable life quotes. Read these quotes and motivate yourself to face life’s problems. Maybe these quotes can encourage you.

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