Best 60+ I am Sorry Quotes for Hurting You with Images

Want to say sorry to your loved one? Looking for some special quotes to ask for an apology? Well, our quotes are the best solution to your problem. Just pick any I am sorry quotes from our heart-touching collection. Trust us, your sorry won’t be only accepted but also be appreciated. Share our apology quotes via text, email, SMS, or Whatsapp and soon you’ll get a message back. Explore our unlimited collection of sorry and apology quotes for wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend. All you need to do is share a message and wait for the magical moment.

Nothing is perfect. Every relationship has ups and downs. Where there is love; there is a fight. Healthy fights are the signs that you both care for each other. There are some moments when we unintentionally hurt our special ones. But do you know what is the best part? When you realize your fault and seek an apology. This not only makes your relationship stronger but also earns respect for you. It’s not easy to say ‘I am Sorry’. It takes lots of honest efforts, guts, dignity to seek an honest apology. Sorry is the only way to rebuild trust and love in a relationship.

We are humans, not robots. So, it’s natural to commit mistakes sometimes. But never give up on someone for that reason. Do not forget all the right things for some wrong things. Life is not about being perfect; it’s about learning from mistakes and never repeating them. Never bring your ego in between your relationship for saying sorry to someone you hurt. Be responsible for your actions. It takes a strong mind to say and express sorry with true words. It doesn’t matter whether they forgive you or not; Be true to yourself.

I Am Sorry Quotes For Hurting You

If you hurt someone mistakenly maybe it can be your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, friend, sister, or brother, and now you are realizing your mistake. Now you want to say sorry heartily for your fault but don’t know what to write? Don’t worry, we have a good collection of I’m sorry quotes for hurting someone. Select your best quotes from the below list and say I’m sorry for my fault. I’m sure our quotes will help you to say sorry to anyone emotionally.

i am sorry quotes for hurting you

You were absolutely right, and I let my pride get in the way. I am sorry for the way I treated you. You didn’t deserve that. I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry messages about what I have done


I am constantly and deeply ashamed of what I have done. I hope that you will let me show you how I have changed. I’m sorry!



Our love has been more beautiful than all the flowers in a lush garden. May this small bouquet symbolize how precious your love is to me. Please allow me to go back to the beginning and show you how I’ve changed.



The memory of seeing your heartbreak a little more with each repulsive word that came from my mouth drowns me in shame and sorrow. I am sorry.

I’m Sorry for Breaking Your Heart


Your precious heart has been broken by the arrows of anger I hurled into it. I pray that I will be allowed to make amends and heal them, for you are a precious treasure.



If two people were ever meant to be together, it’s us. I’m sorry for letting my wrongdoing come between us.

Say sorry for your shameful action


My shameful actions spoke loudly, but I hope that you can still hear my words. I love you deeply and will do everything in my power to show you how much. I’m sorry!

Apology Quote for Hurting You


The pang of sorrow and the emptiness I feel without you, overwhelm me. Please accept my deepest apology for hurting you. I’m sorry.

Heart Touching I’m Sorry Quotes For Hurting You

I see the sunlight in your hair from a distance, and there’s a flicker of joy as I remember our sunny days together. I am willing to wait for you. You mean everything to me, and I am so sorry for what I did.

I am so cold without your love; so alone. I have caused deep pain in both our lives. The faint flicker of hope that you can forgive me is all that keeps me alive.

The smell of your skin and the beauty of your form fill me with memories of our love. I am nothing without you. Please search your heart for a way to forgive me.

Each day without you, I sink a little deeper into a pit of despair. The pain of losing you overpowers me. I need the strength that your forgiveness offers.

You’re the kind of girl who only comes around once in a lifetime. To cause you pain is a stupid mistake. I pray that my apology will be the beginning of healing for you.


I promise that this mistake has taught me how to be a better person. Please give me the chance to show you.



If each moment we’ve shared were a raindrop, I am soaked to the skin as I remember our love and realize the magnitude of what I’ve done. I can’t weather this storm without you.


You’ve always been my better half. I’m only complete when I’m by your side. I’m sorry for letting you down.

Truly Sorry Quotes for Lovers


Life without your smile is somber and gray. I pray that my apology can fix that broken smile. I’m truly sorry!



There is no excuse for the way I treated you. I love you, and I want to make it up to you.

Quotes for Saying I’m Sorry For Hurting You

Do you want to say sorry for hurting someone? but don’t know what to write? Don’t worry, here you will find the best quotes to say I’m sorry for hurting him/her.

You’re amazing, and I love you. Today is the day we start fresh, moving forward in a relationship based on mutual respect. I need to show you how I’ve changed.

For what it’s worth to you, you need to know that I will love you to the end whether or not you are able to find love in your heart for me again.

There’s no one but me to blame for damaging our beautiful relationship. I take full responsibility for my hurtful words and actions, and can only hope that you can forgive me.

I come to you in complete humility, asking you to find it in your heart to give me another chance. You are all I think about.

I am willing to wait for your undeserved forgiveness for as long as it takes for your heart to mend. I’m sorry for hurting you!

The pain of letting you down is more than I can bear. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

The beauty of your face and the kindness of your heart fills my thoughts by day and my dreams by night. I miss you. Please forgive me.


The ugliness of words uttered, the disgrace of prideful behavior, and the treachery of allowing you to be the brunt of my anger, has sickened my very soul. Sorrow fills each moment that we are apart.



My very heart is bowing in shame for what I said to you. I’m sorry for hurting you!

I’m So Sorry Quotes for My Mistake and Hurting You

If you did a mistake then you should say I’m sorry for your mistake. You can choose the best sorry quotes from below to send anyone.


I took you for granted, and I’m a sorrier than you can ever know.



My lips quiver with the recollection of what they said.



No one is entitled to mar your beautiful soul with their disgraceful actions. I am praying that you will forgive me for mine.



It took me much time to realize that I was wrong. Baby, I’m sorry for hurting you!



The value of your love is worth more to me than anything else. Please allow me to show you.

I Beg You Another Chance Quote


The realization of what I have done cuts deeply into my soul and stabs my heart. I cannot justify my actions, but I regret them every moment and beg you to give me another chance.

Final Words

Have you hurt someone? The best way to offer a sincere apology is to say ‘I am Sorry’ in person as early as possible. Do not linger on for the next meeting if you don’t have enough guts to face them or they are far apart then sharing messages is the best option. Remember, Sharing is caring. Your apology won’t be wasted. All you need is perfect words for that special one. Take a look at our sweet and short ‘i am sorry quotes for hurting you’. Read them, pick your favorite quote and share them with your loved one. We are 100 % sure that they will appreciate this sweet gesture.